Preeclampsia word written on medical blue folder with patient files, pills and stethoscope on background

13. High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

Pregnant woman measures blood pressure with an electronic tonometer. neuralgia during pregnancy, poor health. Selective focus on the hand. Hypertension. Severe pregnancy. Headache, migraine.

Hypertension is the hallmark sign of preeclampsia. Regular blood pressure (BP) readings can help detect whether or not someone has this condition.

What is hypertension?

BP refers to how hard blood pushes against blood vessels. High blood pressure (HBP) means that the heart has to work harder than normal to function properly. This overexertion can lead to negative health effects throughout the body.

Hypertension typically has no noticeable symptoms. So, it’s important to know other signs of toxemia…

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