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We all want constipation-free smooth bowel movements every day. And there are no better options than picking fiber supplements containing psyllium husk to improve our digestive tract.

But from the sea of supplements and probiotics, which ones are the best for our digestive systems? That’s what we will be looking at in this blog post.

We will take a deep dive into two popular fiber supplements: Colon Broom vs Metamucil.

This blog will break down everything about these two products, how they taste, which ingredients they are made of, and the advantages & drawbacks.

So, once you go through all of them, you can find out the winner between Colon Broom and Metamucil.

What Is Psyllium Husk Powder?

Before you dive into our review of Colon Broom & Metamucil, you need to understand what psyllium husk fiber is and how it helps our bowel movements.

As psyllium husk is the key ingredient for both of the products, if you understand its usage, you will have a better understanding of the products.

Psyllium is a fiber made from the husks of plants belonging to the seeds of Plantago ovata plants. It is a very effective bulk-forming laxative that also has other beneficial effects on the heart, skin & pancreas.

The Advantages of Psyllium Husk

The main purpose of psyllium husk is to improve excretion; promote digestive health, good gut health, and provide relief from constipation. It also could play a role in weight loss. Here is a deeper look at each of the benefits attached to psyllium husk.

Works as Laxative

As it is a laxative, it soaks up the water in our gut, making our bowel movements smoother without stacking up flatulence.

This also improves our gut microbiota and gives us ease from constipation. And if taken regularly with a balanced diet, this simple ingredient can improve our health drastically.

Along with relieving us from irregular bowel movements, this dietary fiber intake also ensures that we have a softer stool and also reduces the chance of anal fissures and hemorrhoids.

Good for Heart and Health

Psyllium husk also has a positive impact on heart and weight loss. Experiments have shown that they are capable of balancing the cholesterol levels of the body. You can steer clear of most heart diseases with a controlled cholesterol level. It also lowers blood pressure while enhancing our body’s heart muscles and lipid levels.

As this dietary fiber consumes the liquids in our body, it makes us feel full. This can be very effective in countering overeating. It also helps the body weight and can be a good option to add if you are making a weight loss diet for yourself.

If you want to prevent the chance of developing diabetes, then this natural colon cleanser can be very useful. They maintain the balance of blood sugar levels and insulin, which are the core components that trigger diabetes in the body.

So, without any doubt, psyllium husk is a great ingredient to have in your diet, but what about the dosage?

Well, it highly depends on the supplements you are taking. And that’s where Colon Broom and Metamucil come in. These fiber supplements revolve around psyllium husk and a few other ingredients focused on keeping your bowel movement smooth and optimal

Colon Broom Review

Colon Broom

Colon Broom is an organic high fiber supplement that focuses on fighting constipation and ensures smooth and optimal bowel movements for consumers. It is a powder that you have to mix with water to consume.

Many users of colon broom claim that it not only works on constipation but also works on blood sugar, weight loss, toxin elimination, improving mental health, and much more.

But is it worth the trouble? Is Colon Broom safe? Or does Colon Broom fall short when put against other digestion & gastrointestinal health supplements? 

Well, Colon Broom is arguably one of the most well-known fiber supplements on the market. It is not just a supplement, and the Colon Broom brand is well known among health professionals and nutritionists alike. And the results that they have put out are quite outstanding.

Ingredients of Colon Broom

Colon Broom Ingredients
Colon Broom Ingredients

Primarily Colon Broom contains psyllium husk followed by crystallized lemon (citric acid), silicon dioxide, sea salt, stevia, and a few other minerals.

Now, we already know the effects and benefits of psyllium. But the other ingredients complement those benefits and promote digestive health more optimally.

Citric acid or crystalized lemons act as a taste booster. It brings in the taste of citrus fruits and lemon juice in the drink. They also help in preventing constipation & anti-inflammatory activities.

Only a small portion of silicon dioxide is included in the Colon Broom. Thus it doesn’t make the supplement chemical induced. It is mainly added to keep the dietary supplements fresh and ensures longevity.

On the other hand, sea salt offers huge health benefits to our overall health. It easily increases the hydration process and has positive effects on kidney detoxification.

Most dietary supplement in the market depends on artificial sweeteners to bring sweetness to their product. But this can have drastic effects and not the good ones.

This is not an issue with Colon Broom, as they use stevia to provide natural sweetness to your drinks. Stevia can also reduce blood sugar levels & cholesterol levels along with sugar cravings too.

While these are the main ingredients that define Colon Broom as a product, you will also find a small amount of potassium, calcium, sodium, and around 20 calories in a packet of Colon Broom.

Benefits of Colon Broom

Let’s learn about the benefit of this dietary supplement here.

Improves Body’s Detoxification Processes

Almost every ingredient that Colon Broom has focuses on improving the body’s overall detoxification process. It enhances the gut microbiota and is a great option to counter irritable bowel syndrome for our digestive system.

Also, Colon Broom claims to provide full-body detox to its users almost immediately. 

Works as a Cleanser for the Body

As it contains psyllium husk, Colon Broom tackles gastrointestinal problems and regular bowel movements in a proper manner. This fiber supplement does this by improving the gut microbiome and regulating bowel movements.

Smoother Bowel Movements

The colon broom improves the digestive system. By dispensing the toxins from the stomach and enhancing the performance of the gut bacteria, it relieves constipation. This makes our overall bowel movements smoother.

Great for Losing Weight

If you want a supplement that targets losing weight and relieves constipation, only a handful can come close to the services Colon Broom offers.

As it is filled with ingredients like sea salts and stevia, if you use Colon Broom on a regular basis, then you will witness a steady weight loss.

This is due to the fact that Colon Broom works to decrease the sugar level and speeds up the hydration process.

It also makes us feel full, so we can prevent overeating without any fuss. This is why many Colon Broom reviews state that it improves not only the digestive system but is also a great supplement for weight loss.

Stops Sugar Cravings

Sugar cravings are arguably one of the most annoying reasons many fail to maintain good health. And no matter how good a supplement you take, it won’t be much effective if it doesn’t tackle your sugar cravings.

And this is where Colon Broom stands out from the rest of the crowd because, unlike other supplements, it doesn’t depend on artificial sweeteners. Instead, it provides natural sweeteners. For this reason, Colon Broom is safe from sugar cravings and its negative effects.

Great Energy Booster

Colon Broom also works as an energy boost for your body due to the ingredients it has within it. They not only improve the digestive system but also improves the overall mood of a person as the stress of constipation is removed.

Due to this fact, almost all Colon Broom reviews are filled with customer satisfaction and appreciation.

Ensures Healthy Body & Skin

Another reason to buy Colon Broom as your go-to anti-constipation supplement is the fact that it ensures that you gain and maintain healthy skin and body always.

The ingredients included in this soluble fiber supplement also provide Vitamin C (gathered from crystalized lemons), which is crucial to maintaining beautiful and smooth skin.

Gluten-Free & Vegan Friendly

Colon Broom is also 100 percent vegan-friendly. This is because the purpose of Colon Broom is to provide regulating bowel movements in everyone, no matter their food preference.

Drawbacks of Colon Broom

While there are a lot of benefits of Colon Broom, there are a few drawbacks to this product also. The problems that you will face with Colon Broom are:

  • You won’t see immediate results
  • Colon Broom cost can be a bit higher than other options

Metamucil Review

Apart from Colon Broom, Metamucil is arguably the most recognized powder form fiber supplement in the current market.

This sugar-free supplement regulates bowel movements optimally and is well known for eliminating accumulated toxins and constipation.

They also trigger weight loss and can be a great option for the digestive system if you like the flavors it incorporates.

Ingredients of Metamucil

Metamucil Ingredients
Metamucil Ingredients

Similar to Colon Broom, the main ingredient of Metamucil is psyllium husk. It also incorporates a few fake sugars like Aspartame & Yellow 6. They also add a bit of sucralose to add a sweet flavor, but this is quite ironic as sugar is one of the reasons behind constipation.

It also contains maltodextrin, which is another type of food additive that makes you feel full. But it increases the blood’s glucose level rapidly.

So how much weight do these food additives add when the negatives of Metamucil are concerned? 

Well, not much, as it is still regarded as a supplement that is the main reason behind regulating bowel movements and a few health benefits.

Benefits of Metamucil

The health benefits that you can enjoy from Metamucil are:

Improves Regulation of Bowel Movements

Metamucil offers a healthy gut with good defecation. It can also make you feel more energetic throughout the day.

Drawbacks of Metamucil

There are quite a few disadvantages that you will face with Metamucil; the most common ones are:

  • It can cause abdominal pain
  • Food additives can have a negative effect on the body
  • It is not keto-friendly
  • The inclusion of sugar can have adverse effects

Metamucil Alternatives

We collated a list of the best Metamucil alternatives for those looking for a cheaper or more agreeable fiber supplement.

Colon Broom vs Metamucil: Which Is the Best?

So, who is the winner in Colon Broom vs Metamucil battle?

Well, this depends on a few things. If you like the citrus flavor that Colon Broom brings to the table, then arguably, this is the best option. But if you like strawberry flavors, then it should be Metamucil.

Now, if we consider the health benefits of colon broom and Metamucil, then the former has much more benefits and diversity than the latter. But if you don’t want all the added advantages and want to stick to the basics at a lower price point, then Metamucil is the way to go.

But if we look at the drawbacks, then Metamucil is at a clear disadvantage as the additives and sugar contents are a big no for anti-constipation supplements. If you do opt for Metamucil then look for their sugar-free option.

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