A man makes a horrified face while looking at toilet paper; weird stool concept

10. Green Stool

What happens when you check the porcelain throne and discover that your waste is green? And is this discovery cause for alarm?

Why is it green?

There are plenty of reasons why your stool can be green. The good news? The most common reason isn’t a cause for concern: eating a diet loaded with leafy greens. You see, plants contain a green substance called chlorophyll. When you eat high amounts of foods containing chlorophyll, you can cause your stool to take on a greenish color.

What else causes green stool?

Not eating lots of leafy greens? There might be other reasons why your stool is looking odd (and you should discuss these concerns with a licensed medical provider):

  • Antibiotics – these medications alter gut bacteria, which can affect stool color temporarily
  • Diarrhea – food moving too quickly through the digestive tract can result in excess bile pigmentation, causing a green stool color
  • Infections, such as Giardia, norovirus, and Salmonella
  • Medical procedures that result in diarrhea

Green stool may look odd, but it is most commonly the result of something harmless (leafy green-rich diets); the same cannot be said for the following…

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