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This drug is not recommended for those who are pregnant, as it has been linked to negative side effects for the fetus, such as seizures and withdrawal. Fetal death and stillbirths have also been reported. Pregnant individuals should, therefore, consult with their doctors about taking tramadol; it may only be prescribed when absolutely necessary.

Can Tramadol Cause Birth Defects During Pregnancy?

This drug is associated with negative side effects for the fetus and newborn, including opioid withdrawal and seizures. However, there is currently not enough research to say whether or not tramadol can cause serious birth defects in human babies. To learn more about the adverse effects of tramadol as a whole, read our side effects page.

Signs of neonatal (newborn) opioid withdrawal include:

• Abnormal sleeping patterns
• Diarrhea
• High-pitched cries
• Hyperactivity (greater amounts of energy)
• Inability to gain weight
• Irritability
• Tremors
• Vomiting

Can Tramadol Cause a Miscarriage?

There are reports of fetal death as well as stillbirths following tramadol use. At this time, though, there is not enough data to say definitively if this drug can induce miscarriages in humans.

Tramadol in Labor and Delivery

Tramadol is an opioid analgesic, which research links to prolonged labor. Therefore, this drug is not ideal for pain management prior to or during childbirth.

Tramadol and Lactation

Tramadol is present in breast milk, and is generally not recommended for women who are breastfeeding, as it could result in lethal respiratory depression on the infant(s).

If you plan to breastfeed your baby, talk with your doctor before taking tramadol, as it could pose life-threatening damages on your baby. Infants exposed to tramadol through breastfeeding should be monitored for sedation and respiratory depression, according to DailyMed.

Tramadol and Fertility

Long-term opioid use can reduce fertility in both females and males.

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