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Percocet is a combination drug that contains a strong opioid, oxycodone, and the relatively mild painkiller acetaminophen. That means people who take this medication may become addicted to it and subsequently experience Percocet withdrawal symptoms after discontinuing this drug.

How Long Do Percocet Withdrawal Symptoms Last?

For most people, the first seven days will be the hardest. However, they may continue to experience symptoms for two weeks or longer. 

Withdrawal Symptoms

The withdrawal symptoms will start about five to eight hours after the last dose of the drug. People initially experience sweating, muscle aches, and other flu-like symptoms. Around day two or three, withdrawal can include vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, tremors, cramping, fever, and insomnia. From days four to seven, some symptoms should start to be less severe, but cravings for the drug may continue for several weeks. 


Anyone who takes Percocet may experience withdrawal. However, how long a person takes it and the average dose they take may affect the severity of the withdrawal. Simply put, the longer someone takes the drug and/or the higher dose they take, the more severe their withdrawal symptoms are likely to be.

Treatment Options

People detoxing from an opioid can benefit from a medically managed detox program that includes a combination of comfort care and medication to ease symptoms. 

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