Study Overview


NCTId: NCT02467712

Status: Unknown status

Condition: Fongal Infection

Study Type: Observational

Sponsor: University Hospital, Strasbourg, France

Study Description


It is generally accepted that the fungal infection on a joint prosthesis is to be treated in two surgical time: implant removal and prosthetic reconstruction. The service took the option for over 10 years to treat bacterial infections in joint replacement by a change in time. In four recent cases the diagnosis initially suspected of bacterial infection has been restated on intraoperative bacteriological examinations fungal infection. It is therefore a potentially harmful side effect of the chosen treatment option, but 4 patients in question were all cured of their fungal infection after a postoperative antifungal therapy. The objective of this study is to report these cases for discussion on the therapeutic choices in fungal infections on joint replacement.



Inclusion Criteria:

Patients over 18 years
Patient having surgery for the management of fungal infection after change in one step in joint replacement prothesis in the participating services in 2014.

Exclusion Criteria:

Patients under 18 years

Healthy Volunteers: No

Gender: All

Min Age: 18 Years


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