Q: What’s the Best Diet for My French Bulldog’s Skin Allergies? I’m Desperate for a Solution.

“I’m at my wit’s end with my French Bulldog, Max’s, skin allergies. He’s constantly itching, and his skin is red and irritated. We’ve tried various dog foods, even hypoallergenic ones, but nothing seems to work. I’m looking for a diet that can help alleviate his discomfort and improve his skin health. Has anyone found a successful solution, possibly with fresh food diets? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!”

Emily Johnson, Austin, TX

A: Hi Emily, I understand your concern with Max’s skin allergies. I faced a similar situation with my French Bulldog. After trying various diets, I discovered Nom Nom’s fresh dog food.

What makes it stand out is its use of fresh, whole ingredients, which are vital for dogs with sensitivities. Their recipes are formulated by veterinarians, ensuring balanced nutrition tailored for specific needs like skin allergies. Since switching, I noticed a significant improvement in my dog’s skin health and overall well-being. The change wasn’t immediate, but within a few weeks, the itching and redness reduced remarkably. I highly recommend giving Nom Nom a try; it might be the solution Max needs.

Drug Genius

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