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Not everyone should take naproxen, especially those with high blood pressure (hypertension) or heart problems. There are alternatives worth discussing with a licensed medical professional, though. 

Potential Alternatives for Naproxen


Acetaminophen (Tylenol) does not target inflammation the way naproxen does, but it will help manage pain. It is important to follow the dosage directions with acetaminophen, as too much of this drug can damage the liver. 


Tramadol (ConZip, Ultram) is a powerful prescription pain reliever that is available to replace naproxen. There is some potential for addiction with tramadol since it is an opioid, though, so use is carefully monitored and short-term. 

Non-drug Options

Options like a hot bath, ice, and even meditation can help to manage pain in order to avoid taking drugs for it. A doctor might suggest physical therapy, as well as regular exercise and weight loss. However, it’s always important to discuss these options with a physician first and not to replace prescribed medications with alternatives like the ones mentioned above.

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