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Diagnosing psoriasis does not involve the use of special tools or blood tests. Instead, a dermatologist (doctor specializing in diseases of the skin) or another healthcare professional examines the areas that are affected to determine if psoriasis is to blame.

Diagnostic Tests

Since the lesions of eczema and psoriasis are similar, a biopsy may be necessary. The biopsy will either confirm the psoriasis diagnosis or rule it out.


If the healthcare professional decides to have a biopsy performed, they will carefully remove a section of the affected skin. This skin is sent to a lab where it is examined under a microscope.


How Common are Misdiagnoses?

Since the signs and symptoms of psoriasis are similar to those seen with other skin issues, sometimes healthcare professionals misdiagnose this disease. Symptoms associated with psoriasis include severe scaling of the scalp, nail discoloration, and pitting of the nails.

Can Psoriasis Be Detected by a Blood Test?

No, this disease cannot be detected in the blood.

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