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Before consuming alcohol while taking meloxicam or any other NSAID, talk with your doctor. It is generally not advisable to consume alcohol while taking meloxicam.

Side Effects

Serious side effects may occur if you consume alcohol while taking meloxicam, including, but not limited to:

  • GI bleeding: black or bloody stools, coughing up blood, vomiting
  • Ulcer(s): pain in the stomach

You run a higher risk of experiencing internal bleeding or ulcers while taking meloxicam if you:

  • Have had stomach ulcers and/or experienced stomach bleeding before
  • Have advanced liver disease
  • Take meloxicam or other NSAIDs for a long period of time

Note: The FDA reports most fatal GI events occur in elderly or debilitated patients. Still, it is critical to be aware of the serious side effects that may occur if you consume alcohol while taking meloxicam.


Taking NSAIDs increases the risk of internal bleeding, and alcohol can exacerbate that risk. Consequently, it is not advisable to consume alcohol while taking NSAIDs. Consult with your doctor about the risks and how mixing alcohol with NSAIDs could affect your health.

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