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Before stopping meloxicam, talk with your doctor. You could experience withdrawal symptoms (primarily symptoms returning) if you abruptly quit taking meloxicam, so it is critical to seek medical advice before changing your treatment. Only take the dose your doctor prescribed.

How long does meloxicam withdrawal last?

Depending on your dosage and medical condition(s), you may feel your symptoms return right away after stopping meloxicam.

Withdrawal Symptoms

It is not advisable to abruptly stop taking meloxicam without guidance from your doctor. If you stop taking meloxicam, you may experience your initial symptoms returning, including:

  • Joint pain
  • Inflammation


Withdrawal from meloxicam should be carefully considered for women who experience difficulties with conceiving or who are being monitored for infertility issues. Some studies suggest that NSAIDs, like meloxicam, can delay ovulation.

In these cases, it is critical to consult with your doctor about the safest way to withdraw from meloxicam.

Treatment Options

If meloxicam is not working for you, or if you wish to discontinue meloxicam treatment, first talk with your doctor. They may suggest alternative treatments, including:

  • Alternative medications to meloxicam (do NOT take multiple NSAID’s Ex. ibuprofen + meloxicam unless authorized by your physician)
  • Therapies, such as physical therapy, acupuncture or hydrotherapy
  • Exercise and diet modifications

In order to best treat your symptoms, inform your doctor about your experience taking meloxicam, as well as the severity and range of the initial symptoms you experienced.

Coping Strategies

If you are thinking about changing your treatment, you can ease the process through various coping strategies, including:

  • Discussing a treatment plan with your doctor to determine the best medication(s) and/or therapeutic options available
  • Eating a well-balanced diet
  • Monitoring your symptoms if you stop taking meloxicam, under the direction of your doctor
  • Getting enough sleep each night

Everyone may react to meloxicam differently. Your doctor will be able to outline the best treatment plan for your specific health needs, as well as determine if meloxicam is right for you.


Consult with your doctor about alternative medications and resources available.

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