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Lamotrigine (Lamictal) is not addictive. However, lamotrigine withdrawal seizures have been reported in patients when they stop taking lamotrigine abruptly or when they are on a rapid weaning off the drug.

In addition, people who are taking lamotrigine to control mood swings from bipolar disorder may experience withdrawal seizures along with the return of symptoms related to their bipolar condition. No other reported withdrawal symptoms have been detected.

How Long Do Lamotrigine Withdrawal Symptoms Last?

The dosage reduction of lamotrigine will last for at least 4 weeks, and the withdrawal symptoms may also last that long.

Withdrawal Symptoms – What does Lamictal withdrawal feel like?

Seizures are a withdrawal symptom for people taking this medication who have epilepsy. Withdrawal symptoms when taking Lamictal for mood swings from bipolar disorder may include the following:

  • dizziness
  • headaches
  • stomach problems
  • difficulty sleeping
  • fatigue
  • irritability


People who stop taking the drug immediately without undergoing a discontinuation plan created by a doctor may experience these symptoms. A person who is rapidly taking off the medication may also see these symptoms immediately.

Treatment Options

Treatment options for Lamictal will be a stepwise dosage reduction of the medication and close monitoring by the doctor. This dosage reduction may last for at least two weeks.

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