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The effect of lamotrigine (Lamictal) and pregnancy is unknown. There are no adequate clinical studies or well controlled studies available. Lamotrigine can be given to pregnant women if the benefits outweigh any potential risks. Lamotrigine is considered a Pregnancy Category C drug.

Lamotrigine and Breastfeeding

Lamotrigine may be passed on to infants during breastfeeding, according to the FDA. This medication is detectable at plasma levels of 50% in infants who are drinking breast milk. High serum levels may occur in infants due to the increase in serum levels and milk levels for the mother during postpartum if the drug dosage becomes increased during pregnancy.

Symptoms such as drowsiness, apnea and poor sucking have been reported in infants when their mothers are taking lamotrigine. Breastfeeding should be discontinued if lamotrigine toxicity develops within infants.


Is lamotrigine safe for pregnancy?

Lamotrigine is considered safe for pregnancy over other types of antiepileptic medications. It is a Pregnancy Class C drug.

Can Lamictal cause birth defects?

There are no known birth defects caused by Lamictal.

Can Lamictal cause a miscarriage?

There are currently no studies that indicate Lamictal causes a miscarriage.

What mood stabilizer is safe in pregnancy?

Lamotrigine is considered a safe mood stabilizer to take during pregnancy for women who have bipolar disorders. This medication is found to cause the lowest risks of birth defects and adverse effects.

Can you breastfeed while on seizure medication?

You can breastfeed while on seizure medication in most cases. Some of the seizure medication may pass on to the infant, but it is in low amounts. Some side effects that the infant may show is increased drowsiness and poor sucking. The baby should be monitored by your doctor to take note of any possible toxicity.

What birth control can you take with Lamictal?

Talk to your doctor about birth control options during your treatment with Lamictal.

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