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Clonidine and pregnancy may not be a good fit. It currently has a pregnancy rating of C, which means animal testing shows it may have an adverse effect on a developing fetus. There are no well-controlled clinical studies on humans, though. 

In most cases, it is best for expecting mothers to avoid taking clonidine unless the benefit clearly outweighs any risk. 

Clonidine and Breastfeeding

Clonidine is excreted in breast milk so nursing mothers should only take it if absolutely necessary. It is unclear how babies might react to the medication. 


Can clonidine cause a miscarriage?

There are no clear clinical studies to indicate whether or not this medication can cause a miscarriage. It carries a pregnancy rating of C, which means expectant mothers should avoid it if possible, but there is no evidence it may cause a miscarriage.

Is Catapres safe for pregnancy?

Catapres has a pregnancy rating of C, meaning it might not be safe for pregnancy. Animal studies show that it can cause harm to a developing animal fetus. There are no human trials to show whether it does or does not, so it’s best for expecting mothers to avoid it. 

Is clonidine safe for breastfeeding?

Clonidine is excreted in breastmilk, meaning a nursing child would get a dose of it. It is not clear how a baby would react to this medication but nursing mothers should avoid taking it if possible.

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