Take a look at our extensive list of pharmaceutical companies in Maryland. Our list is sorted by the pharma companies in each city within Maryland.

List of Pharmaceutical Companies Located in Maryland

Pharmaceutical Companies In Maryland

Annapolis, MD

Alphyn BiologicsAnnapolis, MD
BrainCoolAnnapolis, MD

Baltimore, MD

Adjuvant PartnersBaltimore, MD
AgeneBioBaltimore, MD
Amethyst TechnologiesBaltimore, MD
AsclepiX TherapeuticsBaltimore, MD
Asklepion PharmaceuticalsBaltimore, MD
Cage PharmaBaltimore, MD
CapsulomicsBaltimore, MD
ChemPacificBaltimore, MD
CoapTechBaltimore, MD
CraniUSBaltimore, MD
Delfi DiagnosticsBaltimore, MD
Elixirgen ScientificBaltimore, MD
Elixirgen TherapeuticsBaltimore, MD
Emergent BioSolutionsBaltimore, MD
Fyodor BiotechnologiesBaltimore, MD
Galen RoboticsBaltimore, MD
GliknikBaltimore, MD
Glyscend TherapeuticsBaltimore, MD
Haystack OncologyBaltimore, MD
i-CordisBaltimore, MD
KaloCyteBaltimore, MD
Key TechBaltimore, MD
LupinBaltimore, MD
MyMD PharmaceuticalsBaltimore, MD
NeoProgenBaltimore, MD
ParexelBaltimore, MD
PathoVaxBaltimore, MD
Personal Genome DiagnosticsBaltimore, MD
PharmaronBaltimore, MD
RareMoon ConsultingBaltimore, MD
ReGelTecBaltimore, MD
RelavoBaltimore, MD
Restorative TherapiesBaltimore, MD
Robin MedicalBaltimore, MD
Sapio SciencesBaltimore, MD
ScanogenBaltimore, MD
SilcsBioBaltimore, MD
SilcsBioBaltimore, MD
SonavexBaltimore, MD
Sysmex InnosticsBaltimore, MD
Vasoptic MedicalBaltimore, MD
Vigilant BioservicesBaltimore, MD
Vita TherapeuticsBaltimore, MD
WindMIL TherapeuticsBaltimore, MD
xMD DiagnosticsBaltimore, MD

Beltsville, MD

NextCureBeltsville, MD

Bethesda, MD

AnGesBethesda, MD
BrainScopeBethesda, MD
CNBX PharmaceuticalsBethesda, MD
Longhorn VaccinesBethesda, MD
Northwest BiotherapeuticsBethesda, MD
PepVaxBethesda, MD
PeriCorBethesda, MD
Pinney AssociatesBethesda, MD
Precision BiologicsBethesda, MD
ValenzaBioBethesda, MD

Burtonsville, MD

ChiRhoClinBurtonsville, MD

Chevy Chase, MD

CiVi BiopharmaChevy Chase, MD

Clarksville, MD

NeuronascentClarksville, MD

Columbia, MD

ACellColumbia, MD
Cogentis TherapeuticsColumbia, MD
Hemagen DiagnosticsColumbia, MD
MedifocusColumbia, MD
RavgenColumbia, MD
GraceColumbia, MD
Xcision Medical SystemsColumbia, MD

Cumberland, MD

Ibex BiosciencesCumberland, MD
RS BioTherapeuticsCumberland, MD

Curtis Bay, MD

Ibex BiosciencesCurtis Bay, MD
RS BioTherapeuticsCurtis Bay, MD

Easton, MD

Aphena Pharma SolutionsEaston, MD

Eldersburg, MD

Advanced BiotechnologiesEldersburg, MD

Elkton, MD

Terumo MedicalElkton, MD

Frederick, MD

Akonni BiosystemsFrederick, MD
BiofacturaFrederick, MD
Biological MimeticsFrederick, MD
Biologics ResourcesFrederick, MD
Charles River LaboratoriesFrederick, MD
Eminent ServicesFrederick, MD
Forecyte BioFrederick, MD
ImQuest BioSciencesFrederick, MD
Kemp ProteinsFrederick, MD
Leidos Biomedical ResearchFrederick, MD
MedigenFrederick, MD
Meridian BioGroupFrederick, MD
Poochon Proteomics SolutionsFrederick, MD
Precision for MedicineFrederick, MD
RoosterBioFrederick, MD
SriSai Biopharmaceutical SolutionsFrederick, MD
SyngeneFrederick, MD
TexcellFrederick, MD
TheradaptiveFrederick, MD
Thermo FisherFrederick, MD
Tonix PharmaceuticalsFrederick, MD
Veralox TherapeuticsFrederick, MD
XpressBioFrederick, MD

Gaithersburg, MD

Adaptive Phage TherapeuticsGaithersburg, MD
AltimmuneGaithersburg, MD
ArcellxGaithersburg, MD
AscentGeneGaithersburg, MD
AstraZenecaGaithersburg, MD
BionavigenGaithersburg, MD
BioNTechGaithersburg, MD
Cartesian TherapeuticsGaithersburg, MD
Cerium PharmaceuticalsGaithersburg, MD
Codex BiosolutionsGaithersburg, MD
DxNowGaithersburg, MD
Emergent BioSolutionsGaithersburg, MD
HeMemics BiotechnologiesGaithersburg, MD
Immunodiagnostic SystemsGaithersburg, MD
Leadiant BiosciencesGaithersburg, MD
LentigenGaithersburg, MD
LKC TechnologiesGaithersburg, MD
MAGBIO GenomicsGaithersburg, MD
MAwi DNA TechnologiesGaithersburg, MD
miReculeGaithersburg, MD
NeoDiagnostixGaithersburg, MD
NeuralyGaithersburg, MD
NexImmuneGaithersburg, MD
NovavaxGaithersburg, MD
OtomagneticsGaithersburg, MD
PropagenixGaithersburg, MD
RNAimmuneGaithersburg, MD
Salubris BiotherapeuticsGaithersburg, MD
Sensei BiotherapeuticsGaithersburg, MD
Seracare Life SciencesGaithersburg, MD
SirnaomicsGaithersburg, MD
SPEED BioSystemsGaithersburg, MD
TeraImmuneGaithersburg, MD
ValnevaGaithersburg, MD
ValtedSeqGaithersburg, MD
VLP TherapeuticsGaithersburg, MD
ZylactaGaithersburg, MD

Germantown, MD

Amarex Clinical ResearchGermantown, MD
BiOneCure TherapeuticsGermantown, MD
Charles River LaboratoriesGermantown, MD
CosmosIDGermantown, MD
CRScubeGermantown, MD
Deka BiosciencesGermantown, MD
KCRN ResearchGermantown, MD
OrgenesisGermantown, MD
PharmaronGermantown, MD
PrecigenGermantown, MD
QiagenGermantown, MD
SenseonicsGermantown, MD
SeraxisGermantown, MD
Tailored TherapeuticsGermantown, MD
VeraChemGermantown, MD
Zalgen LabsGermantown, MD

Glen Burnie, MD

Diagnostic BiochipsGlen Burnie, MD

Halethorpe, MD

CellomicsHalethorpe, MD
FZataHalethorpe, MD

Hanover, MD

NoxilizerHanover, MD
Processa PharmaceuticalsHanover, MD

Hunt Valley, MD

Firma Clinical ResearchHunt Valley, MD
Pharmaceutics InternationalHunt Valley, MD

Hyattsville, MD

DNA AnalyticsHyattsville, MD

Ijamsville, MD

AssayGateIjamsville, MD
Bioassay WorksIjamsville, MD

Linthicum, MD

CSSi LifeSciencesLinthicum, MD

Lutherville, MD

AcidophilLutherville, MD

Maryland, MD

BondTrueMaryland, MD

Middle River, MD

Biostorage Lab ServicesMiddle River, MD
BioStorage LLCMiddle River, MD

North Bethesda, MD

AAVnerGeneNorth Bethesda, MD

Pasadena, MD

Moss BioPasadena, MD

Riverdale, MD

MedcuraRiverdale, MD

Rockville, MD

MedcuraRiverdale, MD
20/20 Gene SystemsRockville, MD
AAVogenRockville, MD
Advanced BioScience LabsRockville, MD
AllucentRockville, MD
American Gene TechnologiesRockville, MD
ArraystarRockville, MD
Ascentage PharmaRockville, MD
Autonomous TherapeuticsRockville, MD
Avalo TherapeuticsRockville, MD
Biomarker StrategiesRockville, MD
BioqualRockville, MD
BioRelianceRockville, MD
CASI PharmaceuticalsRockville, MD
Cellphire TherapeuticsRockville, MD
Cellular Biomedicine GroupRockville, MD
Consortium AIRockville, MD
Creatv MicroTechRockville, MD
CytimmuneRockville, MD
DP ClinicalRockville, MD
Emergent BioSolutionsRockville, MD
EmmesRockville, MD
ExoLyticsRockville, MD
Fina BiosolutionsRockville, MD
GeneCopoeiaRockville, MD
GlycoMimeticsRockville, MD
IBT BioservicesRockville, MD
Immunomic TherapeuticsRockville, MD
Innovative Cellular TherapeuticsRockville, MD
Integrated BioTherapeuticsRockville, MD
Integrated Pharma ServicesRockville, MD
Kolon TissueGeneRockville, MD
MacroGenicsRockville, MD
MaxcyteRockville, MD
Maxim BiomedicalRockville, MD
Meso Scale DiscoveryRockville, MD
NeoImmuneTechRockville, MD
OpGenRockville, MD
OrigeneRockville, MD
OS TherapiesRockville, MD
OtsukaRockville, MD
Paradigm Shift TherapeuticsRockville, MD
Polaris GenomicsRockville, MD
Protein PotentialRockville, MD
PsomagenRockville, MD
RegeneRx BiopharmaceuticalsRockville, MD
ReGenX BiosciencesRockville, MD
ReveraGen BioPharmaRockville, MD
Rise TherapeuticsRockville, MD
RRD InternationalRockville, MD
SanariaRockville, MD
SequellaRockville, MD
Shuttle PharmaceuticalsRockville, MD
Sigmovir BiosystemsRockville, MD
Supernus PharmaceuticalsRockville, MD
SYNAPS DxRockville, MD
Synthetic BiologicsRockville, MD
Tasly PharmaceuticalRockville, MD
TCR2 TherapeuticsRockville, MD
TetracoreRockville, MD
TrophogenRockville, MD
Wellstat GroupRockville, MD
WestatRockville, MD

Salisbury, MD

Jubilant CadistaSalisbury, MD

Silver Spring, MD

Ataia MedicalSilver Spring, MD
Aziyo BiologicsSilver Spring, MD
CytivaSilver Spring, MD
Lung BiotechnologySilver Spring, MD
United TherapeuticsSilver Spring, MD

Sparks, MD

3CPMSparks, MD
Becton DickinsonSparks, MD
TrimGenSparks, MD

Sykesville, MD

Antidote TherapeuticsSykesville, MD
ZeteoTechSykesville, MD
OTracesSykvesville, MD

Takoma Park, MD

US Medical InnovationsTakoma Park, MD

Walkersville, MD

LonzaWalkersville, MD

Woodbine, MD

Noble Life SciencesWoodbine, MD

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