Take a look at our extensive list of pharmaceutical companies in New Jersey. Our list is sorted by the pharma companies in each city within New Jersey.

If you’re looking for a pharmaceutical company in New Jersey, our list is the perfect place to start. We have listings for all of the major pharmaceutical companies in the state; each company is listed with its full name and contact information.

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  1. List of Pharmaceutical Companies Located in New Jersey
  2. Benefits for Pharma Companies Based in New Jersey
  3. Drawbacks for Pharma Companies Based in New Jersey

List of Pharmaceutical Companies Located in New Jersey

There are over 300 drug and pharmaceutical companies in New Jersey, employing nearly 22,000 people.

The state is home to 14 of the 20 largest pharmaceutical companies in the U.S.

The state is number 2 in the country for cancer drugs in development

New Jersey has the second-highest concentration of scientists and engineers in the country.

Number of Life Sciences Companies in New Jersey
New Jersey Flag

Allendale, NJ

Minaris Regenerative MedicineAllendale, NJ

Basking Ridge, NJ

Daiichi SankyoBasking Ridge, NJ
electroCoreBasking Ridge, NJ
Lexicon PharmaceuticalsBasking Ridge, NJ
Lisata TherapeuticsBasking Ridge, NJ
MetasTxBasking Ridge, NJ
RegeneronBasking Ridge, NJ
Timber PharmaceuticalsBasking Ridge, NJ

Bedminster, NJ

Aerie PharmaceuticalsBedminster, NJ
Infusion Pharma ConsultingBedminster, NJ
Matinas BiopharmaBedminster, NJ

Berkeley Heights, NJ

Chugai PharmaBerkeley Heights, NJ
CorMedixBerkeley Heights, NJ
Cyclacel PharmaceuticalsBerkeley Heights, NJ
HikmaBerkeley Heights, NJ

Bernardsville, NJ

Anima BiotechBernardsville, NJ

Boonton, NJ

Enteris BioPharmaBoonton, NJ

Bordentown, NJ

Caelum BiosciencesBordentown, NJ

Bound Brook, NJ

Urigen PharmaceuticalsBound Brook, NJ

Branchburg, NJ

Amneal PharmaceuticalsBranchburg, NJ
Century TherapeuticsBranchburg, NJ
ZebraSciBranchburg, NJ
Zeus ScientificBranchburg, NJ

Bridgewater, NJ

There are 23 pharmaceutical companies in Bridgewater, NJ.

AmarinBridgewater, NJ
Amneal PharmaceuticalsBridgewater, NJ
Bausch + LombBridgewater, NJ
Bausch HealthBridgewater, NJ
ClarioBridgewater, NJ
Clinical GenomicsBridgewater, NJ
ConvaTecBridgewater, NJ
Cosette PharmaceuticalsBridgewater, NJ
CybervalBridgewater, NJ
Hillstream BioPharmaBridgewater, NJ
Hisun PharmaceuticalsBridgewater, NJ
InsmedBridgewater, NJ
NeurotezBridgewater, NJ
NevakarBridgewater, NJ
Nipro MedicalBridgewater , NJ
Oncoworx ConsultingBridgewater, NJ
Prothex PharmaBridgewater, NJ
Salix PharmaceuticalsBridgewater, NJ
SanofiBridgewater, NJ
Trigen LaboratoriesBridgewater, NJ
Vertical PharmaceuticalsBridgewater, NJ
VylumaBridgewater, NJ
Vyne TherapeuticsBridgewater, NJ

Cedar Knolls, NJ

Integrium Clinical ResearchCedar Knolls, NJ
SkinAxisCedar Knolls, NJ

Chatham, NJ

Tonix PharmaceuticalsChatham, NJ

Cherry Hill, NJ

BioinceptCherry Hill, NJ
Vyant BioCherry Hill, NJ

Clifton, NJ

EndoLogicClifton, NJ

Cranbury, NJ

AkornCranbury, NJ
CMICCranbury, NJ
Cornerstone PharmaceuticalsCranbury, NJ
Crystal PharmatechCranbury, NJ
ExemplifyCranbury, NJ
IVERIC BioCranbury, NJ
Kelun PharmaceuticalCranbury, NJ
Klus PharmaCranbury, NJ
Palatin TechnologiesCranbury, NJ
PeproTechCranbury, NJ
PMV PharmaCranbury, NJ
SciSafeCranbury, NJ
WuXi BiologicsCranbury, NJ
Citius PharmaceuticalsCranford, NJ

Cranford, NJ

Citius PharmaceuticalsCranford, NJ

Cresskill, NJ

BrainsWayCresskill, NJ
Vascular TherapiesCresskill, NJ

Denville, NJ

DiagenodeDenville, NJ
Ingenus PharmaceuticalsDenville, NJ

Dover, NJ


East Brunswick, NJ

Casper PharmaceuticalsEast Brunswick, NJ
Rising PharmaceuticalsEast Brunswick, NJ

East Hanover, NJ

BioInvenuEast Hanover, NJ
Immetas TherapeuticsEast Hanover, NJ
NovartisEast Hanover, NJ
SandozEast Hanover, NJ

East Rutherford, NJ

CambrexEast Rutherford, NJ

East Windsor, NJ

Acrotech BiopharmaEast Windsor, NJ
Aprecia PharmaceuticalsEast Windsor, NJ
ARKAY TherapeuticsEast Windsor, NJ
EAG LaboratoriesEast Windsor, NJ
ForDoz PharmaEast Windsor, NJ
HovioneEast Windsor, NJ
LavipharmEast Windsor, NJ
Novitium PharmaEast Windsor, NJ

Eatontown, NJ

American CryoStemEatontown, NJ
Angel Medical SystemsEatontown, NJ
MedtronicEatontown, NJ

Edison, NJ

AustarPharmaEdison, NJ
Global Pharma TekEdison, NJ
Hepion PharmaceuticalsEdison, NJ
Seven and Eight BiopharmaceuticalsEdison, NJ

Elmwood Park, NJ

BioReference LaboratoriesElmwood Park, NJ

Englewood Cliffs, NJ

Aspargo LaboratoriesEnglewood Cliffs, NJ
Macrophage TherapeuticsEnglewood Cliffs, NJ
NovastepEnglewood Cliffs, NJ

Ewing, NJ

Antares PharmaEwing, NJ
NavintaEwing, NJ
NovaRock BiotherapeuticsEwing, NJ
OrcosaEwing, NJ

Fair Lawn, NJ

TKL ResearchFair Lawn, NJ

Fairfield, NJ

There are 5 pharmaceutical companies in Fairfield, NJ.

AcceGen BiotechnologyFairfield, NJ
DSP Clinical TrialsFairfield, NJ
Leading PharmaFairfield, NJ
Parker LaboratoriesFairfield, NJ
Vela DiagnosticsFairfield, NJ

Far Hills, NJ

Samsara VisionFar Hills, NJ

Florham Park, NJ

Cellectar BiosciencesFlorham Park, NJ
PDS BiotechnologyFlorham Park, NJ
ShionogiFlorham Park, NJ

Forked River, NJ

Chargepoint TechnologyForked River, NJ

Fort Lee, NJ

Astrolabe DiagnosticsFort Lee, NJ
KedrionFort Lee, NJ
Nuvectis PharmaFort Lee, NJ
SolviasFort Lee, NJ

Franklin Lakes, NJ

Becton DickinsonFranklin Lakes, NJ
EmbectaFranklin Lakes, NJ

Freehold, NJ

Avalon GloboCareFreehold, NJ

Glen Rock, NJ

Avalon GloboCareFreehold, NJ
RespireRxGlen Rock, NJ

Hackensack, NJ

Champions OncologyHackensack, NJ
ParexelHackensack, NJ
Royal BiologicsHackensack, NJ

Haddonfield, NJ

Linnaeus TherapeuticsHaddonfield, NJ

Hamilton, NJ

Genesis Drug Discovery & DevelopmentHamilton, NJ
InvivotekHamilton, NJ
Salvona TechnologiesHamilton, NJ
Venenum BiodesignHamilton, NJ

Hamilton Square, NJ

Chemical and Pharmaceutical SolutionsHamilton Square, NJ

Hamilton Township, NJ

AcinoHamilton Township, NJ

Hampton, NJ

Celldex TherapeuticsHampton, NJ
VisikolHampton, NJ

Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

Nymox PharmaceuticalsHasbrouck Heights, NJ

Hillsborough, NJ

Bezwada BiomedicalHillsborough, NJ
Ceptur TherapeuticsHillsborough, NJ
Digital GxPHillsborough, NJ
NanoTech PharmaHillsborough, NJ

Hoboken, NJ

EnhatchHoboken, NJ
Silence TherapeuticsHoboken, NJ

Hopewell, NJ

Gennao BioHopewell, NJ

Iselin, NJ

HelsinnIselin, NJ
Outlook TherapeuticsIselin, NJ
OxurionIselin, NJ

Jersey City, NJ

Ferox TherapeuticsJersey City, NJ
IgenomixJersey City, NJ
Mitsubishi Tanabe PharmaJersey City, NJ
Organon (2)Jersey City, NJ
ScynexisJersey City, NJ

Kenilworth, NJ

MerckKenilworth, NJ
RDx BioScienceKenilworth, NJ

Kinnelon, NJ

Life Recovery Systems HDKinnelon, NJ

Lakewood, NJ

Renaissance PharmaLakewood, NJ
Worthington BiochemicalLakewood, NJ

Lawrence Township, NJ

Adare Pharma SolutionsLawrence Township, NJ
Asana BioSciencesLawrence Township, NJ

Madison, NJ

AbbVieMadison, NJ
Origami SurgicalMadison , NJ

Mahwah, NJ

GlenmarkMahwah, NJ
PaionMahwah, NJ
StrykerMahwah, NJ

Manalapan Township, NJ

Petros PharmaceuticalsManalapan Township, NJ
Armas PharmaceuticalsManalpan Township, NJ

Millville, NJ

DWK Life SciencesMillville, NJ

Monmouth Junction, NJ

CytoSorbentsMonmouth Junction, NJ
DiamiRMonmouth Junction, NJ
DZS Clinical ServicesMonmouth Junction, NJ
Elucida OncologyMonmouth Junction, NJ
LipoSeuticalsMonmouth Junction, NJ
MedChemExpressMonmouth Junction, NJ
Notitia BiotechnologiesMonmouth Junction, NJ
NovoPedicsMonmouth Junction, NJ
OrthobondMonmouth Junction, NJ
Provid PharmaMonmouth Junction, NJ
Sciecure PharmaMonmouth Junction, NJ
TAXIS PharmaceuticalsMonmouth Junction, NJ
Tris PharmaMonmouth Junction , NJ
XEME BiopharmaMonmouth Junction, NJ

Monroe Township, NJ

BraccoMonroe Township, NJ

Montclair, NJ

EndomedixMontclair, NJ
TeclisonMontclair, NJ
TheranicaMontclair, NJ

Montvale, NJ

EOM PharmaceuticalsMontvale, NJ

Morristown, NJ

Almatica PharmaMorristown, NJ
AlvogenMorristown, NJ
LonzaMorristown, NJ
Melinta TherapeuticsMorristown, NJ
OrexoMorristown, NJ
QPharmaMorristown, NJ
Upsher-SmithMorristown, NJ

Mount Arlington, NJ

PanOpticaMount Arlington, NJ

Mount Olive, NJ

Symbiotic ResearchMount Olive, NJ

Mountainside, NJ

Androvia Life SciencesMountainside, NJ

Mt. Laurel, NJ

RhythmedixMt. Laurel, NJ

Mt. Olive, NJ

Flowonix MedicalMt. Olive, NJ

Mullica Hill, NJ

OcuMedicMullica Hill, NJ

Neptune, NJ

Lab OwlNeptune, NJ

New Brunswick, NJ

There are 3 pharmaceutical companies in New Brunswick, NJ.

AIM ImmunoTechNew Brunswick, NJ
Bristol Myers SquibbNew Brunswick, NJ
Johnson and JohnsonNew Brunswick, NJ

New Providence, NJ

ADC TherapeuticsNew Providence, NJ
BioRepository ResourcesNew Providence, NJ
Evolution Research GroupNew Providence, NJ
Molecular PharmagroupNew Providence, NJCompounding Pharmacy
Vertice PharmaNew Providence, NJ

Newark, NJ

CellgenemedixNewark, NJ
Menssana ResearchNewark, NJ
SimphotekNewark, NJ

North Bergen, NJ

DermaRiteNorth Bergen , NJ

North Brunswick, NJ

API Pharma TechNorth Brunswick, NJ
ApicoreNorth Brunswick, NJ
Ascendia PharmaceuticalsNorth Brunswick, NJ
BioAegis TherapeuticsNorth Brunswick, NJ
Bionex PharmaceuticalsNorth Brunswick, NJ
DistekNorth Brunswick, NJ
EuproteinNorth Brunswick, NJ
Genomic PredictionNorth Brunswick, NJGenomic Testing
Innovera PharmaceuticalsNorth Brunswick, NJ
NovanexNorth Brunswick, NJ
SPES PharmaceuticalsNorth Brunswick, NJ
TheWell BioscienceNorth Brunswick, NJ
Mito BioPharmNorth Brunswick, NJ

Northvale, NJ

Abon PharmaceuticalsNorthvale, NJ
Elite PharmaceuticalsNorthvale, NJ

Norwood, NJ

Syenz LabNorwood, NJ

Nutley, NJ

EisaiNutley , NJ

Oakland, NJ

Collagen MatrixOakland, NJ

Paramus, NJ

Epygenix TherapeuticsParamus, NJ
InterChemParamus, NJ
NS PharmaParamus, NJ
PsychoGenicsParamus, NJ
SK BiotekParamus, NJ
SK Life ScienceParamus, NJ
Starton TherapeuticsParamus, NJ
WG Critical CareParamus, NJ

Parisppany, NJ

There are 18 pharmaceutical companies in Parsippany, NJ.

TevaParsippany, NJ
Aleon PharmaParsippany, NJ
Ascensia Diabetes CareParsippany, NJ
Canfield ScientificParsippany, NJ
CRC PharmaParsippany, NJ
Edenbridge PharmaceuticalsParsippany, NJ
Elusys TherapeuticsParsippany, NJ
Ferring PharmaceuticalsParsippany, NJ
Interpace BiosciencesParsippany, NJ
IQVIAParsippany, NJ
Katena ProductsParsippany, NJ
Onkos SurgicalParsippany, NJ
Reckitt Benckiser PharmaceuticalParsippany, NJ
Socium TherapeuticsParsippany, NJ
Tara InnovationsParsippany, NJ
Validus PharmaceuticalsParsippany, NJ
ZimVieParsippany, NJ
ZollParsippany, NJ

Pennington, NJ

Bristol Myers SquibbPennington, NJ
OncoSec MedicalPennington, NJ

Pennsauken, NJ

Cetylite IndustriesPennsauken, NJ

Pennsville, NJ

SiegfriedPennsville, NJ

Phillipsburg, NJ

MedtronicPhillipsburg, NJ

Piscataway, NJ

Amneal PharmaceuticalsPiscataway, NJ
Aucta PharmaceuticalsPiscataway, NJ
Axcellerate PharmaPiscataway, NJ
CytivaPiscataway, NJ
GenScriptPiscataway, NJ
GenScript ProBioPiscataway, NJ
Kashiv BioSciencesPiscataway, NJ
Legend BiotechPiscataway, NJ
PBL Assay SciencePiscataway, NJ
SampledPiscataway, NJ

Pittstown, NJ

CavtheRxPittstown, NJ

Plainsboro, NJ

GenmabPlainsboro, NJ

Princeton, NJ

There are 59 pharmaceutical companies in Princeton, NJ. This is the highest number of companies in the state.

AbbottPrinceton, NJ
AdvaxisPrinceton, NJ
Agile TherapeuticsPrinceton, NJ
Akros PharmaPrinceton, NJ
Apcer Life SciencesPrinceton, NJ
Aptatek BioSciencesPrinceton, NJ
ArrePathPrinceton, NJ
Beta PharmaPrinceton, NJ
BionpharmaPrinceton, NJ
BiopticonPrinceton, NJ
Calyptus PharmaceuticalsPrinceton, NJ
Caravan BiologixPrinceton, NJ
CertaraPrinceton, NJ
Churchill PharmaceuticalsPrinceton, NJ
DDiPrinceton, NJ
Dr. Reddy’s LaboratoriesPrinceton, NJ
EDDA TechnologyPrinceton, NJ
Eleison PharmaceuticalsPrinceton, NJ
Emergent BioSolutionsPrinceton, NJ
Enalare TherapeuticsPrinceton, NJ
Erytech PharmaPrinceton, NJ
FrontagePrinceton, NJ
Global Clinical TrialsPrinceton, NJ
Hinge ClinicaPrinceton, NJ
Integra LifeSciencesPrinceton, NJ
KayoTheraPrinceton, NJ
KBP BioSciencesPrinceton, NJ
KoelisPrinceton, NJ
MakroCarePrinceton, NJ
MedicurePrinceton, NJ
Nanocan TherapeuticsPrinceton, NJ
Navitas Life SciencesPrinceton, NJ
Neuland LaboratoriesPrinceton, NJ
NJ BiopharmaceuticalsPrinceton, NJ
NovafluxPrinceton, NJ
Nth AnalyticsPrinceton, NJ
OblatoPrinceton, NJ
Optimeos Life SciencesPrinceton, NJ
OriginPrinceton, NJ
Oyster Point PharmaceuticalsPrinceton, NJ
PharmanestPrinceton, NJ
PhotocurePrinceton, NJ
Praxgen PharmaceuticalsPrinceton, NJ
Protega PharmaceuticalsPrinceton, NJ
R-Pharm USPrinceton, NJ
ReGenTreePrinceton, NJ
SandozPrinceton, NJ
Shinkei TherapeuticsPrinceton, NJ
Slayback PharmaPrinceton, NJ
SoligenixPrinceton, NJ
Sonnet BioTherapeuticsPrinceton, NJ
SoteriusPrinceton, NJ
Syneos HealthPrinceton, NJ
Taiho OncologyPrinceton, NJ
TheradexPrinceton, NJ
Valo HealthPrinceton, NJ
Vyome TherapeuticsPrinceton, NJ
WCG ClinicalPrinceton, NJ
XybionPrinceton, NJ

Rahway, NJ

MerckRahway, NJ
MerckRahway, NJ
Sunrise PharmaceuticalsRahway, NJ

Ramsey, NJ

ADMA BiologicsRamsey, NJ

Raritan, NJ

Janssen PharmaceuticalsRaritan, NJ
Thermo FisherRaritan, NJ

Red Bank, NJ

Provention BioRed Bank, NJ

Ridgefield Park, NJ

BeiGeneRidgefield Park, NJ

Ridgewood, NJ

BeiGeneRidgefield Park, NJ

Rockaway, NJ

Masy BioServicesRockaway, NJ

Rocky Hill, NJ

Nexomics BiosciencesRocky Hill, NJ

Roseland, NJ

Milestone ScientificRoseland, NJ

Scotch Plains, NJ

Jeiven Pharmaceutical ConsultingScotch Plains, NJ

Secaucus, NJ

FrontageSecaucus, NJ

Short Hills, NJ

3NT MedicalShort Hills, NJ

Skillman, NJ

BioTillionSkillman, NJ
Johnson and JohnsonSkillman, NJ
Johnson and JohnsonSkillman, NJ
LifeSignSkillman, NJ

Somerset, NJ

AccessbioSomerset, NJ
AkornSomerset, NJ
CatalentSomerset, NJ
LabvantageSomerset, NJ
OticonSomerset, NJ
Prinston PharmaceuticalSomerset, NJ
Somerset PharmaSomerset, NJ
SommaTech ConsultingSomerset, NJ
Terumo MedicalSomerset, NJ

Somerville, NJ

EthiconSomerville, NJ

South Orange, NJ

NephrosSouth Orange, NJ

South Plainfield, NJ

Admera HealthSouth Plainfield, NJ
Cosette PharmaceuticalsSouth Plainfield, NJ
GenewizSouth Plainfield, NJ
J-StarSouth Plainfield, NJ
Katalyst Healthcares and Life SciencesSouth Plainfield, NJ
PTC TherapeuticsSouth Plainfield, NJ
Viant MedicalSouth Plainfield, NJ

Sparta, NJ

MedvaconSparta, NJ
PLx PharmaSparta, NJ
TBL Performance PlasticsSparta, NJ

Springfield, NJ

DRG InternationalSpringfield, NJ
Evergreen TheragnosticsSpringfield, NJ

Summit, NJ

Hurley Consulting AssociatesSummit, NJ
PhageNova BioSummit, NJ

Tenafly, NJ

Sensible Medical InnovationsTenafly, NJ

Titusville, NJ

Janssen PharmaceuticalsTitusville, NJ

Toms River, NJ

Advanced Memory Institute of NJToms River, NJ

Union, NJ

Crescenta BiosciencesUnion, NJ
Eton BioscienceUnion, NJ
ProkaryoticsUnion, NJ

Upper Saddle River, NJ

DavosPharmaUpper Saddle River, NJ

Waldwick, NJ

NextPhase Medical DevicesWaldwick, NJ

Warren, NJ

3D BiotekWarren, NJ
Aquestive TherapeuticsWarren, NJ
Bellerophon TherapeuticsWarren, NJ
CelularityWarren, NJ
Cipla USAWarren, NJ
GSKWarren, NJ

Washington, NJ

Core PrognostexWashington, NJ

Watchung, NJ

GY Highland BiotechWatchung, NJ

West Berlin, NJ

Meda BiotechWest Berlin, NJ

West Fairfield, NJ

Medimetriks PharmaceuticalsWest Fairfield, NJ

West Orange, NJ

Issar PharmaceuticalsWest Orange, NJ

West Windsor, NJ

VivozonWest Windsor, NJ

Westfield, NJ

Acquist TherapeuticsWestfield, NJ

Whippany, NJ

BayerWhippany, NJ
CambrexWhippany, NJ

Whitehouse Station, NJ

InteguRxWhitehouse Station, NJ

Woodcliff Lake, NJ

Eagle PharmaceuticalsWoodcliff Lake, NJ
Patagonia PharmaceuticalsWoodcliff Lake, NJ

Benefits for Pharma Companies Based in New Jersey

  1. New Jersey has the largest concentration of scientists and engineers per square mile in the U.S.
  2. It is home to 14 of the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies.
  3. It is located in the middle of the Boston – New York City – Washington D.C. corridor, one of the world’s most concentrated and affluent markets.

Drawbacks for Pharma Companies Based in New Jersey

  1. New Jersey may not have the same access to venture capital as other states.
  2. It may not have the same access to specialized commercialization expertise as other states.

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