Fortunately, there are several methods people can employ to reduce their risk of developing this condition.

Common Prevention Techniques

Managing Iodine Intake

Patients need to make sure that they are consuming enough iodine. Why? Because without iodine, the thyroid cannot produce any hormones.

Stop Smoking

Patients can stop smoking, as smoking can damage the thyroid gland.

Avoiding Chemical Exposure

Patients need to avoid exposure to chemicals known to affect the thyroid, including triclosan, which can be found in some antibiotic soaps. Other toxic chemicals include the perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) found in carpets.

Radiation Protection

Unless an X-ray is taken of the neck, patients should ask for a collar to protect their neck whenever an X-ray will unnecessarily expose it to radiation (e.g., dental X-rays).


How can I prevent hypothyroidism naturally?

There are several ways someone can reduce the likelihood of developing underactive thyroid, including the following.

Moderate Soy Intake

Patients should avoid eating a lot of soy as it can slow the thyroid’s ability to produce hormones.

Get Enough Vitamins

Patients should ensure they’re meeting their daily vitamin requirements, particularly that of vitamin D. Patients who have a vitamin D deficiency, for example, have a greater likelihood of developing Hashimoto’s disease, which is a leading cause of hypothyroidism. Vitamin D therapy can therefore significantly reduce the number of thyroid antibodies the body produces, subsequently preventing overt hypothyroidism from developing.

Patients can also take selenium supplements to reduce the thyroid’s production of these antibodies. It is difficult to consume enough selenium in one’s diet to prevent antibody production, which is why a supplement may help.

How can I permanently cure my thyroid?

According to the study “Selenium supplementation could restore euthyroidism in subclinical hypothyroid patients with autoimmune thyroiditis,” supplementing with selenium may help restore the thyroid’s function. However, currently, there is no known cure for hypothyroidism.

How can I reduce my thyroid naturally?

By combining diet, botanical medicine, and supplementation, many patients reduce their thyroid. That being said, patients should always speak with their healthcare professional before discontinuing their medications and/or starting a new diet.

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