There currently is no known way to prevent type 1 diabetes. That’s not the case with type 2 diabetes, however, which people can ward off. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the number one way to prevent type 2 diabetes.  


How can I prevent diabetes naturally? 

At this time, there are no answers for how to prevent type 1 diabetes.

In contrast, there are a variety of actions a person can do to prevent type 2 diabetes. The key to naturally preventing type 2 diabetes is a healthy lifestyle. This lifestyle includes:

  • eating healthy foods,
  • aiming for 30 to 60 minutes of moderate activity a day,
  • maintaining a healthy weight, and
  • not remaining sedentary for too long.  

What should I eat to prevent diabetes? 

A person’s diet makes a big difference in preventing the onset of type 2 diabetes. Smaller portion sizes, consuming foods with less fat and more fiber (like vegetables, fruit, and whole grains), as well as avoiding sweetened drinks, can all help prevent this condition.  

Can you prevent type 2 diabetes? 

On top of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, some medications have been used to prevent diabetes. Metformin (Glucophage, Fortamet, Glucophage XR, Glumetza, Riomet) is a diabetes medication that can lower the chances of developing type 2 when combined with a healthy lifestyle.  

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