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Maintaining a healthy weight through plenty of exercise and a healthy diet is typically part of the treatment plan for someone with type 2 diabetes. In some cases, people with diabetes may be asked by their physician to lose weight, while other people may actually experience weight loss due to their condition and/or medication(s). This is primarily because of their body’s inability to maintain a healthy blood glucose level. For this reason, treatment for type 2 diabetes will look different for everyone.

In some cases, people taking Trulicity (dulaglutide) may experience changes in weight for various reasons. All side effects, including weight change, should be discussed with your prescribing physician, who will monitor your treatment over time.

How does Trulicity work for weight loss?

Trulicity is not prescribed for patients to lose weight. It may be possible that some people experience change in weight during treatment with Trulicity. According to Mayo Clinic, Trulicity is one type of glucagon-like peptide (GLP-1) that may result in weight loss. GLP-1 drugs, according to Mayo Clinic, “stimulate the body to secrete more insulin.” As a result, the person’s blood sugar levels drop. Although not enough data exists to determine exactly how GLP-1 drugs can cause weight loss, they do sometimes suppress appetite, which may be one reason.

Weight loss may be more important for some people, particularly those who do not already practice healthy eating and exercise habits. Always talk with your prescribing physician about potential weight loss during treatment for type 2 diabetes, and if it is necessary or something to be cautious about.

Can you take Metformin and Trulicity together?

For more information about Metformin (metformin hydrochloride) and Trulicity, please visit our page on the two drugs.

Does Trulicity suppress appetite?

According to the FDA, a decreased appetite is one of the common potential side effects of Trulicity. It is especially important to talk to your doctor about any side effects you experience during treatment with Trulicity, particularly if they are harming you or if they do not subside.

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