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If cyclobenzaprine is not right for you, your doctor may prescribe you an alternative medication. There are different types of muscle relaxers, as well as different treatment types, based on your health condition.

Because everyone may respond to cyclobenzaprine differently, your doctor may monitor your side effects and suggest a different treatment approach.

Potential Alternatives to Cyclobenzaprine

Different Muscle Relaxers

Cyclobenzaprine is one type of prescription muscle relaxer. In most cases, doctors prescribe it to treat joint and muscle pain and/or spasms. Different muscle relaxers, however, may treat a variety of other medical concerns, as well as muscle spasms or pain.

Other commonly prescribed muscle relaxers include but are not limited to:

  • Baclofen: can treat pain associated with multiple sclerosis and spinal injuries
  • Carisoprodol: can reduce muscle spasms and stiffness
  • Chlorzoxazone: can reduce muscle spasms and stiffness
  • Orphenadrine: can treat muscle pain related to injuries and muscle relaxation

If you are unsure which muscle relaxer would best suit your individual needs, talk with your doctor. Different muscle relaxers may affect everyone differently, and each may be used to treat various symptom severities.

It is also important to track any side effects you experience while taking a muscle relaxer.

Natural Treatments

Aside from medication, your doctor may also recommend you pursue additional types of treatment to reduce pain.

Alternatives to muscle relaxers may also include natural treatments and healthy lifestyle habits such as:

  • Supplements and/or vitamins
  • Gentle exercises
  • Physical therapy
  • Rest

Remember to consult with your doctor regarding your specific treatment plan. Treatment will look different for everyone, and it is critical to keep track of any adverse side effects related to your medication, as well as any improvements you experience.

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