Can You Take Creatine On A Plane?

Creatine supplements help improve strength, increase lean muscle mass, and promote muscle recovery after a workout. But if you’re going on a trip abroad, can you take creatine on a plane?

Read along to find out whether it’s legal to take creatine on a plane, how much of it you can take, and how to properly store it for your flight! 

Can You Take Creatine On A Plane?

Yes. According to the TSA, containers of creatine powder are allowed in carry on baggage with no quantity limitations.

Are Creatine Supplements Allowed On A Plane – What Does The TSA Say?

creatine on a plane TSA response

The TSA allows you to take creatine on a plane if your hand luggage doesn’t exceed your airline’s weight restrictions. The TSA considers creatine as powder, and such substances are allowed in carry-on bags without any restrictions or limitations if they are less than 12 oz or 350 ml or a maximum of 50 lb per checked bag. Otherwise, the TSA will have to x-ray the containers separately. 

You can also store your creatine in your suitcase. When a TSA agent questions, simply explain the contents and that it’s allowed on flights according to the TSA standards. 

What about creatine capsules?

creatine on a plane TSA response

Creatine capsules are also permitted; they could even be a better option as they take up less space and are easier to pack.

However, the decision rests with the TSA agent on whether an item is allowed through the checkpoint. If they deem the substance suspicious, they may confiscate it. 

How To Store Creatine For Air Travel

Properly securing your creatine while traveling is a must. Cleaning up can be a huge inconvenience. You don’t want to have to deal with that! Here are some tips for packing your creatine supplements while on the go:

  • Scoop creatine powder into individual resealable bags – You should put creatine in a clear resealable bag (e.g., Ziploc)  when taking it on a plane. Each bag should contain about one day’s worth of creatine — this will make it easier to track how much creatine you’ll be using while on the go. If you use a lot of creatine, you can pack 2-3 servings in each bag. It’s best to mark how much powder is in each bag before packing for your trip.
  • Set them inside your shaker bottle and secure the lid – If you’re taking only a small amount, you can take all your resealable bags and set them inside a shaker bottle. This method keeps your creatine neatly portioned and your shaker bottle in one place.
  • Remove air from the plastic bags and seal them – Before putting them in a shaker bottle, remove the air in the sealable plastic bags so you will have more space to store them in your shaker bottle. Keep the bags sealed, and always check if any of the bags have holes to keep the powder from spilling.
  • Double bag the powder – To be safe, use an extra bag — that way, if one bag tears up, the powder won’t likely spill inside your checked baggage.

If all of your creatine powder doesn’t fit in the shaker bottle, pack the individual sealable bags in a larger one. (You can also bring several large plastic bags if you’re considering carrying more creatine powder on a plane, but remember that anything over the 12oz limit will be subjected to x-ray screening at the security checkpoint.)


Thinking of bringing your creatine with you on a flight overseas? Thankfully, you can take both creatine powder and capsules on board, as long as they are properly stored and measured according to TSA protocol. 

When packing your supplements, it helps to store them in measured bags to help you track how much you’ll be taking in a day. Double bagging them in strong resealable plastic containers will also prevent them from spilling on your luggage.

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