Can You Take Vitamins On A Plane?

Traveling with medication and supplements can be a confusing prospect. With strict airport security protocols flagging items left and right, you may wonder, can you take vitamins on a plane? We have laid out the current rules according to the TSA and even asked them questions directly.

Can You Bring Vitamins on A Plane?

Yes, you can.

For domestic travel within the United States, vitamins are not required to be in their original bottles. A pill box or organizer is allowed.

Vitamins in capsule form don’t need to be packed in your liquids bag.

Taking My Vitamins On A Plane — What Does The TSA Say?

vitamins on a plane TSA response

Am I allowed to take my vitamins and supplements on a plane? — Yes, but there are some conditions

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) follows strict protocol regarding certain items passengers take while boarding a flight, and it’s reasonable to wonder whether certain vitamins and supplements could be flagged during a screening.

According to the TSA website, passengers can keep their solid vitamins/supplements (capsules, tablets, chewables, soft gels, etc.) in their checked luggage or carry-on bags, although in some cases, TSA agents will have to ask you some questions first or demand proof of prescription.

Liquid Vitamins

vitamins on a plane TSA response

Only solid vitamins are permitted to be stored in carry-on bags. If you have liquid medicine, they are subject to the TSA rules and restrictions. Passengers must store the liquid in a 3.4-oz container to include it in their carry-on bag. Otherwise, anything with more volume has to be placed in the checked luggage.

Tip: Liquid medication may require you to undergo a longer screening process. It may be best to look for a solid alternative like capsules, tablets, or gummies. You also won’t have to worry about possible spillages inside your carry-on bags.

Injectable Medicines

vitamins on a plane TSA response

You can bring unused syringes accompanied by injectable medications in your carry-on (The same applies to insulin pens or Epipens). You must declare these items to TSA officers at the checkpoint for inspection, indicate that you have diabetes, and identify each item. You can label the medications to ease the security process.

Gummy Multivitamins  

You can carry gummy vitamins in both your carry-on and checked bags. They are considered solid vitamins and have no special packing requirements. There are also no quantity limits for how much gummy vitamins you can take with you.

How To Properly Store Your Vitamins

When packing for your trip, consider how you want to store the vitamins inside your carry-on bag. It’s best to keep your medications in their original containers and pack them all together in a clear plastic bag stored in your carry-on luggage. One can also use hard plastic pillboxes or containers. 

For liquid medications, you can put them in your carry-on luggage, even if they are in containers exceeding 3.4 oz: they are exempt from the TSA’s rule regarding carry-on liquids. Since they must be refrigerated, liquid medications should be stored in an insulated lunch bag with a freezer pack included. As with other medications, keep any liquid medication in its original packaging.

If you have injectable medications, the air pressure changes in the plane’s cabin could affect insulin and other injectable medications, so check their condition before using them. For insulin, It is also recommended to be stored in a refrigerator at approximately 36°F to 46°F, so be sure to bring in cold or freezer packs as well. 

Always keep your proof of prescription with you — For those going to the United States, a valid prescription or doctor’s note is required on all medication entering the country. If your medications or devices are not in their original containers, TSA agents might demand proof of prescription or a letter from your healthcare provider. 


Traveling the world is an unforgettable experience that will broaden your horizons and let you delve into different cultures. If you’re taking any kind of medications regularly, be informed on how to legally and safely carry them before leaving to ensure a smoother security process. You can ask your doctor or pharmacist for help if you’re unsure.

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