Ashwagandha Benefits For Men

Ashwagandha is a plant grown in Africa and Asia that has widespread uses in the area of health and beauty.

It is a herbal supplement that you can take alongside your regular meals to unlock some of the most remarkable benefits.

These are for both men and women, but here we will be focusing specifically on the ways that ashwagandha can help men.

The effects of ashwagandha have only begun to be explored in the Western world relatively recently, whereas the herb has existed in Indian medicine for thousands of years.

That said, we are still discovering new and exciting things that ashwagandha root can do for us, and some have even started seeing it as a magical herb with all the exceptional properties it carries.

If you haven’t heard about it before, you’re probably asking yourself a lot of questions: How does ashwagandha work?

What are its side effects? How much should you take?

These can all be very lengthy to explain but are very important to know in order to use ashwagandha supplements properly and get the most out of them.

What Is Ashwagandha?

The “King of Herbs” – Ashwagandha (Latin name withania somnifera) is an amazing plant with medicinal properties that helps us in so many ways.

Although the plant is physically small, it packs a mighty punch in terms of its uses.

It is also evergreen, which means you can enjoy its benefits and harvest the herb at any time of the year.

The name ashwagandha literally means “smell of the horse” in Sanskrit.

This alludes to the scent of the root supposedly being similar to that of horse sweat.

However, it is also a reference to the fact that ingesting it can imbue you with the strength of a horse, since horses are seen as robust, virile animals.

Those are definitely the sort of attributes you want for yourself, especially if you have struggled with them in the past.

Since it is a dietary supplement, ashwagandha is typically taken in the form of an extract such as capsules or tablets.

When taking ashwagandha it should be noted that there are several things to be careful of, as ingesting too much could potentially cause you to have adverse reactions.

Always read the label on the product thoroughly, so that you don’t end up taking more than you need.

While it can be used by anybody to great effect, there are even more reasons for men to want to try ashwagandha root extract.

The herb is known to be very effective in boosting the immune system and improving sexual stamina, as well as treating a number of other male-specific conditions such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and loss of libido.

It’s also considered an adaptogen, meaning it strengthens the body and helps it to adapt to stress or other environmental factors.

As an adaptogen, ashwagandha boosts your immunity and improves overall energy levels.

As a muscle relaxant, it relieves tension in your muscles and helps you to relax them sufficiently to relieve pain.

Best of all, it’s a natural remedy that has been proven to work over thousands of years, so you know you can trust it.

History Of Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha root has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years to treat chronic stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, and other mental health conditions.

It’s also known as Indian ginseng or Indian winter cherry because it originally grew only in the mountains of India and Tibet.

However, today it can be found growing all over the world, since it has been cultivated by many cultures.

As well as the above-mentioned mental health applications, ashwagandha extract has historically had additional roles in Ayurvedic medicine to improve memory and concentration, help boost energy levels and aid overall sexual function as well as help with hormone balance.

As you can probably tell, these are highly sought after by many men who naturally struggle in such areas.

Otherwise healthy adults have also been known to take ashwagandha supplements regularly, as it can boost their cognitive function and brainpower, keeping them alert for longer.

Of course, it is always possible to use it in conjunction with other supplements, to give you the best possible opportunity to live your life to the fullest.

Forms Of Ashawagandha

Forms Of Ashawagandha

As we have explained, ashwagandha supplements come in various forms depending on how you wish to take it.

Ashwagandha pills & capsules

Ashwagandha pills are the most common way to benefit from this amazing plant.

You can find it in capsule form which makes it easy to swallow;

An ashwagandha capsule resembles any other vitamin supplement and comes packaged in small tubs in the same way.

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Ashwagandha Gummies

This is the tastiest way to consume ashwagandha.

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Ashwagandha Powder

Ashwagandha root in powder form is another popular way to ingest it.

You can buy the powder in bags of around 1 pound such as this one, just as you would with a protein powder, for example.

It is recommended that you mix a small amount (around 1/3 teaspoon for a regular mug) into a drink and ingest it that way – herbal teas work best for this purpose.

The taste of ashwagandha root powder is, naturally, quite rooty, so it blends well with earthy tea flavors.

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Ashwagandha Patches

It is not as well known, but you can also get patches infused with ashwagandha, which you apply to your skin and leave them there throughout the day.

They allow you to absorb up to 10 times more of the actual essence than a capsule would.

Getting your ashwagandha fix in this way also eliminates the need for swallowing a large pill, which many people find difficult.

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Ashwagandha Benefits for Men

With so many potential benefits of this ancient herb, what are the specific male benefits of ashwagandha?

Benefits Of Ashwagandha For Healthy Hair And Skin

Ashwagandha contains high antioxidant levels, and these promote skin cell growth to keep both your skin and your hair in great condition.

This means that your hair will be shinier and your skin will be clearer – it’s been proven to boost your natural serum levels so you don’t need to waste your money on expensive ones that don’t actually work as well.

Ashwagandha does contain some very strong compounds called triterpenes, which are responsible for its many benefits.

One of those compounds is Oleanolic acid, which has been shown to reduce inflammation within our bodies and protect against free radical damage.

When used topically, it helps prevent scars from forming, and when taken internally, it improves blood circulation and speeds up healing.

Benefits Of Ashwagandha For Hair Growth

Benefits Of Ashwagandha For Hair Growth

Hair loss is an inevitable part of aging.

This effect is more pronounced in men than women due to the fact that their hair grows slower than women’s, meaning that it tends to be shorter and there’s less of it to lose in the first place.

However, there are various natural treatments available to slow down the hair loss process, and ashwagandha root is certainly among the most effective you can use.

We recommend trying ashwagandha, particularly as opposed to artificial treatments that are full of harsh chemicals and could damage or irritate your skin.

The way it works is by stimulating your follicles and dilating the blood vessels around them to improve the circulation of blood in that area.

It also protects against free radicals in your scalp, which can cause your hair to become limp and dull if you’re not careful.

Benefits Of Ashwagandha Root For Weight Loss

It doesn’t matter what you eat or how much exercise you do; unless your metabolism is working at peak efficiency, you won’t see any results.

If your body is storing fat instead of burning it off, then weight gain is almost inevitable.

But ashwagandha may just be able to boost your metabolic rate, allowing you to burn calories faster while still having energy left over for daily activities.

Animal studies have shown that ashwagandha can cause their external body temperature to rise slightly, and there is no reason to suggest that the same isn’t true for humans.

Doing this means that it gives you more energy without raising your core temperature, so you can stay comfortable and maintain internal thermal regulation throughout your exercising.

Another thing to be careful of when you’re trying to lose weight is that your cortisol levels don’t get too high.

If they do, you are likely to gain weight significantly.

For men, the difference will be most noticeable around the back and middle of the torso, as well as on the face, making it look rounded in appearance.

Scientific evidence from clinical trials shows that amounts between 125 mg and 5 grams of ashwagandha per day, taken over a 90-day treatment phase, can lower your cortisol levels between 11 and 32%.

This doesn’t mean that ashwagandha alone will be a magic key to helping you lose weight, though.

In fact, it seems to work best when combined with other herbs.

For example, one study showed that taking ashwagandha along with ginseng was more effective than either of the two alone.

This suggests that you should try combining different natural remedies, as well as a balanced diet and plenty of exercise if you are serious about shifting some extra pounds.

Benefits Of Ashwagandha For Sex

We’re not suggesting that you place ashwagandha root in intimate places to enhance physical pleasure, as there are other things that would do this job far more effectively.

What we are talking about is the aphrodesiac property of this magical herb, as it can increase your sex drive, your sperm count, and the testosterone levels in your body.

Psychogenic erectile dysfunction is a common problem among men of all ages, whether they are in their 80s, 20s, or middle age.

It is something that can be embarrassing for sufferers, and many people are too afraid of judgment to seek help for their issues.

Luckily, it is possible to buy remedies over the counter from pharmacies or other stores, so you need only reach into your medicine cabinet next time it becomes an issue.

Not only do the triterpenes present within ashwagandha lower cholesterol levels, but research has found they also increase testosterone production.

That’s why ashwagandha is often prescribed alongside other remedies intended to treat erectile dysfunction.

The more testosterone you have, the more likely you will be to sustain an erection that matches the level of your sexual desire.

Many erectile dysfunction tablets contain ashwagandha root extract, since it tackles the heart of the issue straightaway.

Taking ashwagandha root could save you a trip to the infertility clinic, so you don’t have to share intimate details of your private life with a doctor you don’t know well.

However, we would definitely advise this if the problem persists, as a few moments of mental discomfort can be enough to improve your sexual performance for good.

How To Make Ashwagandha Tea

You might think that making a cup of tea is a simple task, but the truth is that most of us aren’t very good at it.

Some people make poor quality tea due to lack of skill, others because they simply don’t have the right equipment, and others still because they’re not really sure what exactly they should be doing.

However, the full ashwagandha benefits can be experienced best in the perfect cup of tea:

Choose Your Ingredients

The first thing you will need to do when brewing your own tea is choose the ingredients that go into it.

If you want to unlock ashwagandha’s full potential, you must use high-quality leaves and herbs.

While some people prefer the stronger tastes of black tea, green tea is actually better for helping to calm down the mind and reduce stress.

Start With Cold Water

When using hot water to brew a cup of tea, you dilute the active compounds within the herb or leaf.

This means that if you want to get all the benefits out of ashwagandha tea, you must brew it with cold water.

Also, you will need to use a proper infuser basket, rather than a standard tea bag.

Use A Good Infusion Time

Once you’ve made sure that you have chosen the correct ingredients, it’s time to start preparing the tea.

The ideal infusion time is 5 minutes, although you may find that a shorter infusion gives you the desired effects faster.

Keep the temperature constant, around 150 degrees Fahrenheit, during the entire process.

Add Sugar Or Honey

Adding sugar or honey to your tea helps to balance its natural acidity, which is why it’s important to match these two ingredients to the type of tea you are drinking.

For instance, if you are having oolong tea, you’ll need to add sugar.

If you are having a black tea, however, you won’t need any extra sweetness.

Steep In Peace & Quiet

Once you have added the necessary ingredients to your pot, you need to leave everything alone while the tea steeps.

Once the steeping process has begun, you shouldn’t disturb the tea until the end of it, since this could affect the flavor.


After you’ve been sitting back and enjoying your tea for about five minutes, it’s time to take a sip.

This allows the active ingredients to reach their maximum concentration inside your body, meaning that you can enjoy all the benefits of ashwagandha you’ve just brewed yourself.

You’ll know that you have achieved the perfect cup of tea once you’ve had enough to drink, and you feel relaxed and refreshed.

Final Thoughts

Many people will have heard of the main and general reasons for taking ashwagandha, but not everyone will be familiar with the specifically male side of things.

As well as increasing brain function and helping soothe conditions like symptoms of stress, it can actually target a lot of your male problems that you may be facing in everyday life.

The bottom line is that the effects of ashwagandha are both broad and diverse.

So even if you’re not interested in losing weight, there might be another benefit out there of which you were unaware.

The hair growth element is especially appealing for men who are insecure about losing their hair, even if it is only happening in their mind.

Of course, what a lot of men are anxious or concerned about is their performance in bed.

If someone is suffering from erectile dysfunction, they can now simply purchase some ashwagandha in whatever form they prefer and watch the magical herb get to work!

An increase in testosterone levels and sperm quality is always a welcome change, and it could have a profound long-term effect on other aspects of your life.

If you are still unsure whether ashwagandha could be useful for you, seek medical advice from your healthcare provider to make sure you won’t encounter any adverse events or ashwagandha side effects.

The health benefits haven’t just been observed through anecdotal evidence, as there have been both animal and human studies to back them up – there has never been a better time to begin your ashwagandha journey.

Disclaimer: this article does not constitute or replace medical advice. If you have an emergency or a serious medical question, please contact a medical professional or call 911 immediately. To see our full medical disclaimer, visit our Terms of Use page.

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