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Did you know that deodorants with aluminum can impose serious health consequences? Yes! Now, you might be wondering what option you have as an alternative. Well, in case you did not know, natural deodorants do not contain any aluminum. However, not every natural deodorant can keep you dry or mask the odor.

For that reason, choosing the best aluminum free deodorant for men can become a little tricky. Yes, almost all of them will rely on corn starch, different types of probiotics, oils, and other all-natural ingredients. 

However, not all of them can be effective at masking body odor properly. But, if you stick to the end of this article, things can become easier for you.

Why Do Deodorants Have Aluminum?

Before anything else, we would like to ensure that you have a fair idea regarding aluminum and deodorants. You see, aluminum is a metal, and you might wonder what it is actually doing on a grooming product. Well, the reason why aluminum is present in deodorant is that it can block your pores.

Now, when your pores are blocked, you can no longer sweat excessively. However, note that some deodorizing products might not have aluminum in their ingredient list. But, again, most of the deodorants available will double as an antiperspirant.

For that reason, the chances of you finding aluminum in a random deodorant store are pretty high these days. 

Why Should You Buy an Aluminum Free Deodorant?

The fact that aluminum is a natural ingredient can make you ask why you should actually not want it in a deodorant. It blocks pores and helps you not to sweat excessively. So, what is wrong with it being inside a deodorant? Well, you cannot carry too much aluminum in your system.

Too much aluminum can create health problems. And even though the aluminum percentage on the deodorant might seem minuscule, it can build up over time. For those who already have a decreased kidney function, having excess aluminum on your body can worsen things.

Furthermore, excess amounts of aluminum can cause other serious health problems and bone diseases. But with a natural deodorant, you do not have to worry about these. You will not find aluminum in a natural deodorant. Instead, they will rely on other natural and non-harmful elements to keep you dry and fresh.

Things That Allow a Deodorant to Be Natural

The FDA has struggled a lot to categorize a natural deodorant. Why? The deodorant resides on personal care products. Currently, most so-called natural products need to list all of the ingredients. And FDA has stated that 95 percent of the ingredients should come from natural sources.

Additionally, the ingredients should be traceable and should state their sources. That means the products must not be processed. Another thing that makes deodorant natural is the fact that they utilize biodegradable packaging. That is why you will notice that the packaging of natural deodorant is a bit different.

Best Aluminum-Free Deodorant For Men – The List

After tons of deliberation and comparing the available natural deodorants head-to-head, we have huddled a small list of the best natural deodorants. Each all-natural deodorant from this is not only aluminum-free but also will make you smell great for a long time as well. So, let’s get started, shall we?

1. By Humankind Aluminum Free Deodorant

Wouldn’t it be great if you did not have to throw away the container of the deodorant? Yes, we are talking about refillable natural deodorant here, which By Humankind is offering.

Unlike most other natural deodorants, you will have the ability to refill this deodorant and re-use the bottle. That will make you play a part in terms of protecting the environment. But that is not all that this natural deodorant is all about. It can neutralize odor-causing bacteria faster than most other organic deodorants.

Wondering how this deodorant gains that ability? It utilizes an innovative formula, which contains all-natural ingredients. However, two essential ingredients of this refillable deodorant are Eucalyptus oil and arrowroot powder. You will not find these two components on regular deodorants.

Other than that, the eucalyptus deodorant also contains essential oils, including orange peel, mint, and rosemary. Those elements make this aluminum-free deodorant highly capable of enjoying odor-free underarms. Also, this aluminum-free men’s deodorant will even offer a refreshing scent for a prolonged amount of time.


  • Comes in a refillable container
  • Attacks odor-causing bacteria effectively
  • Utilizes essential oils and arrowroot powder for neutralizing odors
  • Can keep you smelling fresh for a prolonged time
  • Contains nothing but natural ingredients


  • Contains baking soda, which might irritate sensitive skin a bit
  • The natural deodorant is not that accessible

2. Huron Aluminum Free Deodorant

What if we told you that you would no longer need to rely on regular deodorants to enjoy a spicy scent? Do not believe us? Take a look at what Huron is offering here with this aluminum-free deodorant.

This all-natural deodorant comes in two scents. The first one is original, offering a crisp and fresh scent, while the other is Sandalwood. That is the spice aluminum-free deodorant that we have been talking about earlier. It will provide a mixture of woody and spicy scents, keeping you smelling great for hours.

Nonetheless, while a regular antiperspirant deodorant will utilize aluminum compounds to plug the pores of your armpit, this uses nothing but all-natural components. And the natural products that the aluminum-free deodorant utilizes are entirely safe for your body.

That said, the natural deodorant can fight bacteria effectively. Along with just keeping the bacteria out of your armpit, this aluminum-free deodorant will also properly absorb the wetness. And it does that without utilizing baking soda. So, you will not feel skin irritation if you have sensitive skin.


  • Comes in two great scents
  • Utilizes natural products
  • Safe and clinically tested
  • Absorbs wetness effectively
  • Does not have baking soda in it and is great for sensitive skin


  • Not entirely stain-free
  • Does not dry that quickly

3. OARS+ALPS Deo Trio Kit

What would be better than one good aluminum-free deodorant? Getting three best aluminum-free deodorants! And with this package that OARS+ALPS is offering, you will not need to make separate purchases to get that.

So, what makes these aluminum-free deodorants stand out? Well, the package that you will receive will contain three different scents. The first one will provide a refreshing scent, while the others will offer a sweet and citrus smell. And the good thing about each aluminum-free men’s deodorant is that they use natural ingredients.

The natural formula that these aluminum-free deodorants utilize aims to detox your armpits. After four to five weeks of use, these natural deodorants for men will make your armpits purge the toxins that clog the pores. And not all the all-natural deodorants are capable of doing that.

Other than that, these natural deodorants for men provide a tremendous and long-lasting smell. If you incorporate them into your grooming routine, you can stay fresh throughout the entire day. Also, the fact these all-natural deodorants absorb moisture without utilizing any harmful ingredients is pretty impressive.


  • The package comes with three different all-natural deodorants for men
  • Each of the scents will make you smell great for a prolonged time
  • Detoxifies and nourishes skin in five weeks of use
  • Absorbs moisture effectively and will keep you dry
  • Does not have artificial fragrances on the formula list


  • Might irritate some skin types
  • Takes a bit long for some skin types to adust with the deodorant formula

4. Ursa Major Hoppin Fresh

If aluminum-free deodorant is a new thing for you and you have been using the regular deodorant, you should consider Hopping Fresh. It might be the closest thing to the deodorants you have been accustomed to. But is that all that makes this aluminum-free deodorant get in this list of the best aluminum-free deodorants?

Not at all! First of all, the deodorant has a formula that keeps an active lifestyle in mind. The natural deodorant will keep you fresh and cool, regardless of how active you are throughout the day. Now, that is something a regular all-natural deodorant will not be capable of offering.

Other than that, the formula is completely free from harmful elements. Instead, it will utilize natural ingredients such as refreshing baking soda and kaolin clay. The natural deodorant is also filled with essential oil and tea tree oil, which will keep your body odor out for a prolonged time.

Unlike a regular drugstore deodorant, you will not find the scents to be overpowering. The natural components add a subtle scent and herbal musk to your skin. And the mint version of this all-natural deodorant mimics the synthetic fragrances of regular deodorant. Furthemore, it is all-natural!


  • Has a gel-like consistency and is easy to switch to
  • The deodorant utilizes refreshing baking soda
  • Boasts kaolin clay
  • Natural components do not add an overpowering smell
  • Keeps you fresh and makes you smell stellar for an extended amount of time


  • The gel-like consistency of the deodorant may cause irritation
  • Might offer a sticky feeling on your armpit

5. Method Men Aluminum Free Deodorant

Want a deodorant that is totally cruelty-free? Looking for that one brand that utilizes a cruelty-free formula? You can end your search right here because Method Men is offering a deodorant that will perfectly match your criterion!

Among the ingredients, you will find tapioca starch, green tea, mineral-derived ingredients, bourbon cedar, and other standard components of a natural deodorant. However, you will not find any ingredients that involve animal cruelty in the deodorant. That is exactly what made this deodorant achieve the vegan label.

Nonetheless, the active elements of the deodorant, such as the tapioca starch, will do a proper job of keeping you dry. The formula will absorb all of the moisture from your armpit in a small amount of time and will keep the odor out. And the great thing about the deodorant is that it can provide long-lasting protection.

Furthermore, this aluminum-free deodorant comes in two great scents. The first one is Cedar + Cypress. That brings a woody, wild, and warm scent. On the other hand, you have the Juniper + Sage. That version of the deodorant will provide a calming and earthy whiff.


  • Contains loads of different proven natural deodorant elements
  • Vegan and does not contain any harmful products
  • Keeps the armpits dry
  • Can absorb moisture pretty quickly
  • Comes in two different scents


  • Might cause a little irritation on the skin to some skin types
  • A little prone to rashes for some skin

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Natural Deodorant

Before you do decide to invest your precious money one any of the deodorants available in the natural section, you need to keep a couple of things in your mind. These factors will allow you to scrutinize the products properly and make a proper purchase decision. So, without further ado, let’s get into explaining them:

Set Your Expectations Right

If you take a look at the review section of the deodorants that are natural, you will notice most of the users are disappointed with the sweat control ability. And it is pretty natural to be pissed off a little when you sweat excessively, even with wearing a deodorant.

However, you need to understand that natural alternatives are a lot different from antiperspirants. These do not contain the aluminum compound, which is an ingredient that will block your sweat glands. Instead of aluminum, these deodorants will utilize natural ingredients such as clay and starch.

These natural sweat inhibitors will try to control the flow of the sweat. However, they will not be capable of controlling the flow entirely. So, you can not expect them to be as effective as an antiperspirant. Furthermore, the skin type is not really the same for all. While one deodorant might work for others, it might not work for you.


Next, you should consider the ingredients of the deodorant. But the thing is, the formula will vary from one offering to another. However, in most cases, you will notice that the deodorants have the same type of natural ingredients. 

Most of them will utilize witch hazel or potassium alum to keep the skin protected. On that note, potassium alum is present in aftershave products. Other than that, to neutralize the odors, most brands will utilize baking soda or probiotics. These two will control the odor-causing bacteria and attack them before breeding. 

For moisture control, you will notice ingredients such as arrowroot powder, tapioca starch, activated charcoal, and corn starch present on the deodorants. However, your skin certainly gets too dry. And for that, deodorants will come with hydrating elements. 

Most will rely on aloe vera, coconut oil, or shea butter for moisture. Among these three, coconut oil and shea butter are the most common. Also, note that you will not notice witch hazel or coconut oil on regular deodorant. 

Sensitive Skin

Last but not least, you should consider whether you have sensitive skin or not. If that is the case, you need to test out the units. Just because they have a natural ingredient list, it does not mean that they will be totally safe for your skin. Let us give you an example. Take essential oils, for example.

Most people think that essential oils are totally safe as they come from plants. However, did you know there are loads of plants out there that have toxic compounds in them? Those compounds can make their way to the essential oils and cause irritation on your skin.

For that reason, we recommend you test out different deodorants before purchasing one in bulk. That will allow you to find the right natural deodorant that will work like a charm for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen when I stop using a deodorant that has aluminum?

When you stop using the antiperspirant, your underarm area will have increased growth of odor-causing bacteria. You might even sweat excessively and notice the droplets of sweat dripping from your underarm region.

That is basically the body’s natural way of flushing out the toxins.

Are aluminum-free deodorants worth it?

These deodorants work without increasing the chances of you facing any adverse side effects, making them totally worthy. Furthermore, many of them will help your body flush out the toxins that have been building up all this time.

That is another thing that makes aluminum-free deodorants worthy.

Why do my armpits smell with deodorants that are aluminum-free?

Basically, when you are making the switch, your body will flush out all of the aluminum blocking the pores. It is natural and might make your armpit release a slight body odor.

Can I use a deodorant that does not have aluminum every day?

Yes, as these deodorants will not contain any harmful elements, you will not have to worry one bit if you are using them every day.

How long does it take to detox from an aluminum deodorant?

It will generally take two to four weeks for your body to release all of the excess aluminum from the armpits. However, some aluminum-free deodorants can accelerate the process.

Final Words

As you can see, getting the best aluminum-free deodorant for men becomes an easy task if you know which options to consider. However, before you do pick any of the deodorants, you need to consider your skin type. If it is sensitive, you can not just pull the trigger on any deodorant you come across.

Disclaimer: this article does not constitute or replace medical advice. If you have an emergency or a serious medical question, please contact a medical professional or call 911 immediately. To see our full medical disclaimer, visit our Terms of Use page.

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