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Colostrum is a supplement that comes from a milky fluid that cows release from their udders just after birth. A supplement rich in disease-fighting compounds, colostrum can be effective in tackling specific infections, conditions, or gut inflammation.

While colostrum hasn’t undergone a great amount of research, studies have shown that it may stimulate intestinal cell growth, prevent intestinal permeability (when particles of the gut leak into the rest of the body), and strengthen the gut wall. 

But there are lots of colostrum supplements available, so which ones are actually worth it?

The following article will outline four of the best colostrum supplements available on the market, before providing a buyer’s guide, as well as the answers to frequently asked questions regarding colostrum supplements. 

The List

1. Armra Colostrum Original Jar (120 Servings)

Armra Colostrum Original is a superfood designed to build back up your immune barrier.

Each pack of this colostrum supplement contains one gram of protective antibodies, strengthening peptides, prebiotic compounds, amino acids, antimicrobial proteins, trace minerals, immunoglobulins, antioxidants, tissue growth factors, as well as other natural immune factors.

These work together to enhance the body’s mucosal immunity and contribute to supporting a healthy microbiome in your gut and respiratory tract. 

This supplement claims to not only strengthen your body’s immunity, but also boost your metabolism, fortify your gut health, improve your focus and mood, support sleep, boost your energy, enhance skin radiance, and optimize your fitness performance. 

Armra recommends that this supplement is not combined with hot liquids, as heat can interfere with the bioactive ingredients of colostrum. Their recommended method of intake is directly into your mouth, or with a little water. 


  • Ethically sourced and grass fed: A lot of companies don’t disclose whether the cows their colostrum comes from are grass fed, in which cases you can assume they are not grass fed. Armra cows are grass fed, and the colostrum is ethically sourced.
  • All natural: This product contains no additives or fillers, no GMOs, no gluten, no sugar, and no soy.
  • Wide range of benefits: Due to its all natural ingredients, many customers testify that this product can help the body in a wide variety of ways. 


  • Prices are high: Although you can subscribe to the product to save 5%, the price of Armra colostrum is still quite steep. It’s in line with the price points of many other brands of colostrum supplements, but there are cheaper alternatives available that offer the same benefits. 

2. California Gold Nutrition Colostrum Powder 

Collected within the first 12 hours, this concreted powder of bovine pre-milk has the highest possible levels of immunoglobulins.

This product is made with colostrum from USDA Grade A dairy cows that were raised in the United States and may help to support your immune health and your gut health. 

California Gold Nutrition Colostrum Powder is made with no rBST, no antibiotics, no gluten, no GMOs, no soy, and is processed using low heat.

iHerb (the provider of California Gold Nutrition Colostrum Powder) recommends that those who are pregnant or lactating, the chronically ill, the elderly, individuals under 18 years of age, or those taking prescription drugs should consult with a healthcare professional (be it a physician, a pharmacist, or a naturopath) before consuming this supplement. 

There are 200 servings per container, and the recommended serving size is one scoop (one gram).


  • Affordable: Compared to many alternatives, this colostrum supplement is very affordable.
  • Pleasant taste: A lot of supplements have an unavoidable, unpleasant taste because of their key ingredients, but if you enjoy the taste of milk based products then you’ll probably find this colostrum powder going down nicely. It should be noted, though, that the company does state that the taste, as well as the aroma and the color consistency, may vary. 


  • Not from grass fed cows: If you prefer products to have come from grass fed cows, you may want to steer clear of this colostrum supplement. While there is nothing on the label that states that they don’t use grass fed cows, there’s nothing stating the opposite either, so we can assume that their cows are not grass fed nor free range.

3. Bovine Colostrum Powder from Hearthy Foods

Guaranteed to be made with 100% high-quality colostrum, the Hearthy Foods Bovine colostrum powder is free of gluten and GMOs. It’s an all-natural supplement designed to boost your immune system, as well as your muscle health and your skin health.

This product is ideal for basically anyone, including babies, the elderly, bodybuilders, and athletes. 

Hearthy Foods Bovine Colostrum Powder contains 25 calories, and there are 90 servings in each container. Their suggested serving size is five grams (roughly two teaspoons). This supplement is particularly soluble and will dissolve with ease. 


  • Supports anti aging: One of the claims made by Hearthy Foods is that their colostrum powder helps with aging. This is just one of the many benefits they claim to provide: reduced inflammation, improved immune health, faster fat burning, improved muscle health, and improved lung support. 
  • Can be mixed into a range of food or drinks: Because this colostrum product is both tasteless and odorless, it can be dissolved in any cold drink, as well as cake or pancake batter and oatmeal. The substance will be virtually undetectable, so you won’t have to worry about the unpleasant taste that comes with many other supplements. 


  • Claims made have not been evaluated by the FDA: While the claims made by Hearthy Foods regarding the benefits of their colostrum products are similar to the claims made by most companies selling the supplement, their specific statements are yet to be evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
  • All this means is that, while it may very well benefit the body, the extent of colostrum’s effects require more research. 

4. Colostrum Capsules Bred from Peak Performance

You’ll find many cheap, inauthentic, mass-produced, and often poorly produced varieties of most supplements on the market, and colostrum supplements are no different.

USA Bred Colostrum by Peak Performance (a company that focuses on delivering flavorful and organic superfoods), meanwhile, was processed via methods designed to preserve the bioactivity and efficacy of the colostrum.

These methods help this brand of colostrum to retain its gut effectiveness. Peak Performance boasts more than 300,000 happy customers. 

Peak Performance is also partnered with the Vitamin Angels non-profit, meaning that for every unit of Colostrum capsules purchased, they donate a year’s worth of vitamins to a child at risk of malnutrition. This product has been featured on CNBC, Fox, CBS, and Forbes. 

Some of Peak Performance’s similar products include Cordyceps Mushroom Capsules (USA Grown), Organic Greens Superfood Powder + Grass-Fed Collagen, and Organic Aged Black Garlic Capsules. 


  • Retains high bioavailability: Peak Performance uses a HTST (High Temperature Short Time) pasteurizer process, as well as flash pasteurization, which allows them to remove any pathogens that might have been harmful if consumed.

This process also retains the bioactivity of the biologically vital proteins found in the colostrum, such as immunoglobulins and peptides.

The colostrum is also spray dried via indirect, low-pressure steam and controlled temperatures in order to deliver power capsules of the utmost quality. 

  • Far cheaper than alternatives: Peak Performance colostrum prices are far lower than many alternatives on the market. 
  • Made in the US: As the title would suggest, this product is manufactured in the United States, and is made without GMOs, gluten, preservatives, additives, soy, artificial colors, dairy, or soy. 
  • 100% happiness guarantee: If you’re not completely satisfied with this product for any reason, you’ll be offered a full refund. 


  • Not all claims made by Peak Performance have been evaluated by the FDA: Because at the time of writing the claims made about retaining high bioavailability haven’t been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, the USA Bred Colostrum capsules are not legally intended to cure or prevent any specific diseases. 

Buyer’s Guide: Colostrum Supplements

Potential Benefits of Colostrum Supplements

 Colostrum has many potential benefits. Its immune-boosting effects are down to the high levels of the IgA and IgG antibodies, which are proteins that fight bacteria and viruses.

Studies have shown that colostrum could be most beneficial for the immune systems of elite athletes. Research also suggests that colostrum can boost the body’s chances of fighting upper respiratory tract infections.

The other main potential benefit of colostrum is that it may strengthen the gut.

While there have been studies on both animals and humans that show colostrum may very well help to fight infections, benefit gut health, and enhance the body’s immune system, there is still research to be done when it comes to fully understand the effects colostrum may have on human health. 

Organic Colostrum 

A lot of the cheaper colostrum supplements on the market may contain pesticides, herbicides, steroids, as well as other potentially toxic compounds because of how the cows are raised and fed.

The highest quality colostrum supplements may seem on the pricey side, but depending on where you live, higher prices may be the only way to acquire organic colostrum. 

It should also be noted that while the term ‘grass fed’ implies that the diet of the cows used does not contain any potentially toxic substances, it’s really more a statement of ethics than of the colostrum’s content.

Don’t take this term as a blessing that the colostrum is completely organic- contact the manufacturer to find out exactly what might be in their product. 

You should be looking for colostrum that was collected from the first milking, that has high concentrations of immunoglobulin, that has liposomal delivery for enhanced absorption, that has certified good manufacturing practices, has been third party tested, and ideally, whose manufacturer offers free returns and/or refunds if you’re not completely satisfied. 

The majority of colostrum supplements on the market will not meet all these criteria, so these should only be treated as pointers. The most important thing to look out for is that the colostrum is ethically sourced. 

Downsides of Colostrum Supplements

There are some potential downsides to colostrum supplements that you should be aware of prior to consuming the substance.

Naturally, you should not consume colostrum if you are allergic to dairy. Occasionally colostrum supplements are made with other common allergens, such as soy- but most of the higher quality colostrum supplements are made with colostrum and not much else. 

Colostrum can also contain traces of certain pesticides, antibiotics, or synthetic hormones, depending on how the cows producing the colostrum were raised.

Look for a brand of colostrum that uses grass-fed cows and has been tested to ensure no such compounds are present.

More research is required regarding whether those who are pregnant or breastfeeding can consume these supplements. 

Always buy colostrum supplements from reputable sources. A lot of the colostrum on the market is inorganic or unethically sourced, so it’s best to avoid these sources. 

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Colostrum Supplements 

Can Babies and Children Consume Colostrum Supplements?

Colostrum is a superfood, which means that yes, babies and children can consume colostrum. They can obtain all the potential benefits of colostrum that an adult might obtain. 

Most people can consume colostrum- the only exception being those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

While there is no evidence to suggest that colostrum may be harmful in those instances, there is also no evidence to suggest that it would benefit (or not harm) those pregnant or breastfeeding, so if you fall into either of these categories it’s probably best to steer clear of this particular supplement. 

Do Colostrum Supplements Contain Lactose?

Colostrum tends to only contain a low amount of lactose.

Although you may be hesitant to consume colostrum if you’re lactose intolerant and can’t ordinarily consume products containing milk, the percentage of lactose is so low in colostrum that often those who avoid dairy can tolerate this supplement.

In some cases, it may even build your tolerance for lactose. 

If you are lactose intolerant and you’re considering purchasing colostrum, you should seek advice from a healthcare professional. 

Do Colostrum Supplements Help with Sleep?

Although it’s possible that colostrum may help with sleep, and many sellers make this claim, there is not a whole lot of evidence that supports this.
Many customers do testify, though, that consuming colostrum on a regular basis did indeed help with their sleep. While this could be simply a placebo, it has been proven that better gut health can lead to improved sleep. 

When is the Best Time to Consume Colostrum, and How Should You Take It?

The recommended time of day for taking colostrum is as soon as you get up, while you’re still on an empty stomach. This is when colostrum will be most effective. 

When consuming colostrum you should be mixing the powder with roughly one to two ounces of water. Some colostrum supplements are unflavored, but most of them have a pleasant and mild taste.

If you’re hoping for benefits beyond enhanced immunity and improved gut health (such as anti-aging, or for athletic purposes), you may want to take up to two tablespoons of colostrum twice a day. For its maximum effect, it’s recommended that you take colostrum on a regular schedule. 

The effects of colostrum won’t kick in immediately. In most cases, you won’t feel its benefits for three to four weeks, but some people report to have noticed its effects in just a few days. 

Can Vegetarians Consume Colostrum Supplements?

Colostrum is a dairy product, so generally speaking, it can be consumed by vegetarians but not by vegans, who don’t consume any dairy. It’s down to personal choice whether you feel colostrum fits into your diet. 

Can Pets Consume Colostrum?

Some studies have shown that not only does colostrum have potential benefits for human health, but also for animal health, too. So, yes, you may feed colostrum to dogs, cats, and other mammals.

Research indicates that older animals will respond especially well to colostrum. Simply sprinkle the powder into your pet’s dish at feeding time, and make sure they’ve enough water to wash it down. 

Conclusion: Best Colostrum Supplements

While more research is needed in order to determine the full effects of colostrum on human health, studies have shown that it may contribute to an enhanced immune system and improved gut health. Many consumers have reported that colostrum has benefited their health greatly. 

While there are many potential benefits to consuming colostrum supplements, it’s important to be aware of the downsides.

Colostrum of the highest quality tends to be quite expensive compared to other supplements, and it’s hard to guarantee that your brand of choice will be delivering completely organic colostrum.

Still, it’s worth a shot if you suffer from poor gut health. Just be sure to check with a healthcare professional before consuming colostrum. The same should be said for any kind of supplement. 

Disclaimer: this article does not constitute or replace medical advice. If you have an emergency or a serious medical question, please contact a medical professional or call 911 immediately. To see our full medical disclaimer, visit our Terms of Use page.

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