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According to the FDA, Basaglar (insulin glargine) should only be used during pregnancy if the doctor and patient determine that the potential benefit of the medication justifies the potential risk to the developing baby. Always talk with your doctor about potential risks and side effects of using Basaglar during pregnancy.

Basaglar, Labor and Delivery

When discussing Basaglar related to pregnancy, pregnancy falls in category C, meaning, the drug has not been thoroughly studied in human pregnancies, but when it has been studied in animal studies, some risks to the developing baby have been determined.

The FDA also states that pregnancies in which the mother has hyperglycemia (high blood sugar), there are increased risks of birth defects, miscarriage, or other problems during pregnancy. For this reason, physicians will encourage and require pregnant and conceiving women to maintain healthy metabolism.

Note: Insulin needs may change with each trimester, as well as post-delivery. Talk with your doctor about the safest doses during each stage of pregnancy.

Can Basaglar cause birth defects?

There is limited data on whether or not Basaglar can cause birth defects to human babies. Therefore, understand that Basaglar should only be taken during pregnancy if the potential benefit outweighs the potential risk to the baby.

Can Basaglar cause a miscarriage?

The same is true in terms of miscarriage. Because there is limited data on the effects Basaglar has on a developing baby, it should only be administered to pregnant women if the potential benefit outweighs the potential risk to the baby. Your doctor will be able to help you determine this. Please note that mothers with hyperglycemia may have an increased risk of birth defects and/or loss during pregnancy.

Basaglar and Lactation

The FDA states it is unknown whether or not insulin glargine is present in human breast milk. At the least, physicians may decide to change insulin doses in breastfeeding women.

In one study involving insulin glargine there was insulin present in breast milk. In guidelines, breast feeding is recommended regardless if patient’s have type 1 or 2 diabetes.

Always discuss with your physician all options.

Basaglar and Fertility

The FDA only outlines animal studies in terms of the effect Basaglar may have on fertility. Ask your physician before taking Basaglar if you are planning to become pregnant.

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