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Pantoprazole and pregnancy studies have shown that this drug does not cause harm to fetuses. It may be taken during pregnancy if the benefits outweigh any potential risks. The FDA therefore considers pantoprazole to be a pregnancy category C drug.

Pantoprazole and Breastfeeding

A very small amount of pantoprazole may be found in breastmilk, according to a study based on a single nursing mother. This negligible amount has not shown to harm infants that are breastfeeding.


Is pantoprazole safe to take during pregnancy?

Yes, pantoprazole may be safe to take during pregnancy. A woman who is pregnant or is considering becoming pregnant should still discuss taking this medication with their medical provider, though.

What category is pantoprazole in pregnancy?

Pantoprazole is considered a pregnancy category C drug. This classification means that studies have not shown it to cause harm in fetuses, and the benefits of taking this drug may outweigh any potential risks.

Can pantoprazole cause birth defects?

Studies have not shown that pantoprazole causes birth defects.

What antacids are safe to take during pregnancy?

Some antacids are considered safe to take during a pregnancy. Before taking any medication, though, always speak with your medical provider regarding the type of antacid that you will take.

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