Since gastritis is often caused by the H. pylori bacteria, prevention of this condition can oftentimes be synonymous with preventing someone from getting the bacteria. An example of such prevention includes good hygiene habits like hand washing.

Reducing the irritation of the stomach lining is another important part of preventing gastritis. This method includes avoiding alcohol and certain foods that can irritate the stomach. Another stomach irritant includes NSAIDs, like over-the-counter pain and fever medications.

Can gastritis be prevented?

Gastritis cannot be completely prevented, but its risks can be mitigated. Stomach irritation is a major risk factor for this condition, so cutting down on irritants like spicy or fried foods and alcohol are a good first step in prevention. Controlling stress levels and reducing use of NSAID painkillers can also help prevent the development of this condition.

How can I permanently cure gastritis?

For those living with gastritis, there are ways to significantly reduce its impact on their life. Although there is not a permanent cure for the condition, there are lifestyle changes and medications that can improve and even cure the symptoms. These changes include:

  • diet modifications to remove acidic and spicy foods,
  • reducing alcohol consumption, and
  • not smoking. 

However, since some gastritis is due to the H. pylori bacteria, these steps alone may not permanently cure the condition.

Drugs that may help include over-the-counter medications like antacids, acid reducers, and proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). They are particularly beneficial for this condition because they can decrease stomach acid and improve gastritis symptoms. Good hygiene habits, like hand washing, can also help prevent getting the bacterial infection.

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