The majority of cases of gastritis have a very good prognosis. With medications and lifestyle changes, the gastritis symptoms improve once the treatment has been given. This fact is especially true for cases of acute gastritis, which tend to be short-term and do not have lasting effects.

Chronic gastritis can cause some health problems, though, as it is more serious than acute gastritis. Patients with chronic cases, for example, are at a higher risk for developing certain kinds of cancer like stomach cancer. And, left untreated, gastritis can cause bleeding in the stomach as well as ulcers in the stomach or digestive tract.


How serious is chronic gastritis?

Chronic gastritis is more serious than cases of acute gastritis, but is rarely a serious medical condition. With proper treatment and medication, the majority of cases of chronic gastritis improve. However, in some rare cases, gastritis can lead to more serious medical conditions like stomach bleeding and the development of ulcers in the stomach. In even rarer cases, severe cases of chronic gastritis can be a risk factor for developing stomach cancer. 

Is gastritis life threatening?

Gastritis is very rarely a life-threatening condition. The majority of cases can be treated with medications and lifestyle changes. Some cases of chronic gastritis can lead to more serious symptoms, though, like stomach bleeding and ulcers in the stomach. Although, even these conditions are rarely life threatening if treated properly.

Gastritis, almost always in the chronic form, also rarely increases the risk of developing stomach cancer. This development can be a life-threatening condition, but is a rare complication of gastritis.

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