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Tamsulosin (Flomax) is typically only prescribed for men, but it can be effective for women with some form of bladder obstruction. 


Dosage can depend on many factors but typically it is 0.4 mg. You should, however, follow your doctor’s specific dosing instructions.

Side Effects

Some women experience dizziness when taking tamsulosin. Other less common side effects might include runny nose, cough, back or chest pain, blurred vision, and insomnia. 


What happens if a woman takes tamsulosin?

It is uncommon for a medical provider to prescribe tamsulosin to women. It may have some benefit for women with a bladder obstruction. 

Why would a woman take tamsulosin?

It is sometimes offered for a bladder obstruction, such as a kidney stone. 

What does Flomax do for a woman?

The typical dose would be around 0.4 mg. Follow whatever instructions your doctor provides with the prescription.

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