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The FDA has approved Topamax for migraines in order to help prevent them from occurring. Those who plan to take this medication for migraines should understand its dosage and side effects for safety purposes. They should also talk to their doctor before starting this medication.


The recommended dosage of Topamax for individuals 12 years old and up to prevent migraines is 100 mg per day, but may differ for each patient. This dosage should be divided into two doses with one taken in the morning and one taken in the evening. Individuals should follow their doctor’s instructions for how to divide up these doses week by week when first starting this medication.

Side Effects – What are the most common side effects of Topamax?

The most common side effects that were seen during clinical trials in those taking Topamax for migraines was tingling, weight loss, diarrhea, memory problems, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, and trouble concentrating. Some of these effects were related to the dosage taken.

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How long do you stay on Topamax for migraines?

Since Topamax is used for preventing migraines, individuals may need to keep taking it on a long-term basis. When this medication is stopped, migraine headaches may return. Those who have concerns about long-term use of this medication should talk to their doctor.

Should I take topiramate for migraines?

Individuals who are at least 12 years of age and experience migraine headaches might consider taking topiramate for migraine prevention. These individuals should discuss potential risks and adverse effects with their doctor before taking Topamax for migraines. Discuss all options with your physician.

What can I take instead of Topamax for migraines?

Other medication options are available for preventing migraines for those who cannot take Topamax. Some of these include valproate, which is another type of anti-seizure medication. Other options include medications that lower blood pressure and certain antidepressant medications. Discuss all options with your physician.

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