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While it is not intended as a weight loss medication, people who take Victoza (liraglutide) may lose weight.

Can Victoza Be Used for Weight Management?

When used with diet and exercise, this diabetes drug can help someone lose weight.


What is the average weight loss on Victoza?

The manufacturer of Victoza refers to clinical studies in which adults with type 2 diabetes lost up to 6.2 pounds on average when taking Victoza (liraglutide) and metformin (Glucophage, Glumetza, Riomet).

Is it safe to take Victoza for weight loss?

It is safe to take Victoza for weight loss. However, people should only use it as directed by their prescribing physician.

How does Victoza work for weight loss?

Victoza is not for weight loss, but it can cause loss of appetite that results in weight loss.

Which is better for weight loss, Saxenda or Victoza?

A dose of Saxenda contains up to 3 mg of the active ingredient liraglutide, compared to only 1.8 mg maximum dose in Victoza. Because Saxenda contains more of the active ingredient liraglutide than does Victoza, Saxenda may be better for weight loss. In the SCALE Diabetes trial, researchers assigned participants with type 2 diabetes into three groups, with participants in each group receiving 1.8 mg liraglutide, 3 mg liraglutide, or a placebo. Participants receiving 3 mg of liraglutide lost 6 percent of their body weight, while those receiving 1.8 mg lost 4.7 percent of their body weight. Those receiving placebo lost 2 percent of their body weight.

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