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Although there are no specific withdrawal symptoms associated with the use of mupirocin, ending the treatment too early may mean a return of the infection symptoms. It is best to follow the instructions provided with the medication and use it the appropriate amount of time. Most should see improvement in three to five days. But, if the symptoms get worse, stop using the ointment and contact your physician. 

How Long Do Mupirocin Withdrawal Symptoms Last?

There are so specific withdrawal symptoms associated with mupirocin use, but the early ending of treatment can mean a return of the infection. It will last until the body clears up the infection naturally, or medical treatment begins again. 

Withdrawal Symptoms

The symptoms would be returning the infection such as red areas on the skin around the wound or lesion. There might be drainage and signs of cellulitis, a diffuse infection of the connective tissue. If you experience side effects listed in side effects page stop use and talk to your physician.


Anyone is at risk for the return of the infection. Those with compromised immune systems will have a higher risk. 

Treatment Options

Anyone with an infection, including impetigo, should get medical help if it fails to clear up after using mupirocin. 

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