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Although Xolair (omalizumab) is not considered to be addictive, keep in mind that stopping the use of medication abruptly might cause withdrawal side effects. It’s therefore important for individuals to understand Xolair withdrawal risks before stopping this medication.

How Long Do Xolair Withdrawal Symptoms Last?

This drug is not known to cause any specific withdrawal symptoms as some other medications do. The effects of Xolair might wear off within a year or in as little as 6 months after stopping the use of this medication.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Xolair is not known to cause any specific withdrawal symptoms when people stop taking it. However, stopping this medication might cause severe symptoms to return, although this withdrawal may not always occur.

For instance, a 2016 study showed that, after stopping this drug, free IgE levels increased when before omalizumab injections reduced them. Patients furthermore had a higher risk of experiencing asthma symptoms. However, 2010 follow-up study also monitored individuals who stopped using Xolair in 2007 after taking it for 6 years. It showed that 12 out of 18 patients had unchanged or improved asthma symptoms.


Since some individuals experience a return of asthma symptoms after stopping this medication, it is important to discuss these risks with a healthcare provider.

Treatment Options

If patients discontinue Xolair, they should discuss alternative treatment options for asthma or chronic hives with their doctors.

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