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Persona vitamins review – As we all go about the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and that life keeps adding new things we need to keep track of, keeping track of your health just seems to get harder and harder.

Fortunately, there are a few companies that have dedicated themselves to dealing with this everyday problem that we all face for us.

Helping us stay healthy, by finding out what vitamins and supplements we are missing in our day-to-day life so that they can provide them.

Today, we’ll take a look at the vitamin service provided by Persona Nutrition. is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our editorial process here.

What Is Persona Nutrition?

Persona Nutrition is a vitamin supplement brand that was founded by health and wellness entrepreneur Jason Brown in 2017.

With over 40 years of experience that covers retail, business, and experience in the wellness and textile industries. Needless to say, its founder knows what he is doing when it comes to his health ventures.

Persona Nutrition provides a service to its customers that is tailored to each of their vitamin needs.

Their customer base is geared towards people aged between 40-60, though they will allow evaluations for anyone who wants to sign up for their assessment.

Their targeted customer base are people who might be considering a more tailored experience when it comes to their health, especially as it becomes more sensitive.

Persona Nutrition, as a company, has 4 core values that it follows: Transparency with their information so that they deliver the best service they can with the most information.

Personalization, so that every customer’s unique needs can be addressed in a way that is best for them. High-quality care, so that their customer’s mental and physical health is taken care of to the best of the company’s abilities.

And Education, being able to learn more and find more information, by working with other industry and health experts.

With an evaluation service that is both quick to run through and easy to navigate, you’re guaranteed a prompt response, along with a whole range of dietary supplement options that are approved by their medical advisory board and their team of health consultants.

When you’re using Persona Nutrition, you can rest easy, knowing that the care and advice they provide are with years of experience behind them.

Not just on the health side, to make sure that your needs are being met, but on the business side too, to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

How Does Persona Nutrition Work?

The assessment you complete when signing up for their nutritional subscription will help their team establish what your current health baseline is, and where their team needs to consider how to best assist you in their supplement procedure.

The assessment will include some general questions about you, such as things like height, your weight, and what your current diet consists of to the best of your knowledge.

To better tailor their response, you’ll also be asked a few more detailed questions about your health, such as what your stress levels are like currently, what your general mood is in normal circumstances, as well as asking what the patient hope to get out of the service by using the subscription health-wise.

Patients can also help the assessment team out by giving them any other information they have about their health history, such as their medical history, and what their current exercise routine is like, as well as any other health conditions the patient may have.

For example, you would either tell them if you had a condition like diabetes and/or high cholesterol, or the survey may ask you that, depending on what information you had given it at that point.

Patients are also asked to list any medications that they are currently on. This way, Persona Nutrition’s team of dedicated nutritionists and dieticians can make sure that none of their dietary supplements will have any adverse effects on their products, especially ones that the customer needs to be aware of.

Once a patient has completed Persona Nutrition’s evaluation procedure, their algorithm for measuring the customer’s health and current condition, improved and refined over years of research, will send its result to the medical advisory board, so that they can then discuss the best course of action and supplements that will suit your needs.

Once the assessment period has finished and the medical board has reviewed your options, they will then send you a list of the vitamins they have recommended for your needs, what their health benefits will be, as well as the general price rang customers can expect from Persona Nutrition’s packaged care deal.

They will also have the option of tailoring their recommended supplements to the medication they currently take.

What Do Persona Nutrition Offer In Their Vitamins Subscription?

For those customers who are looking for something a little more than just the health assessment, they can also sign up for Person Nutrition’s vitamin supplement subscription. Online to better tailor the medication they want to their needs.

Once a customer has set up a login account with their email address, they will be able to add any extra vitamins they might need, or remove those that they don’t need in their monthly package.

Speaking of their subscription package, a customer’s subscription package is delivered to them on a 28-day basis. Not only is it a helpful package to start a new healthcare routine for its customers, but it does not charge its customers for the subscription.

That way, they are only paying for the vitamins they have agreed to purchase from their health evaluation or their health package.

Their subscriptions can also be organized into programs, which cover a wide array of lifestyles that Persona Nutrition’s customers may lead, whether they are more active, or more sedentary.

From fitness to prenatal care. From boosting energy levels to helping customers fall asleep better at night. Whether it’s managing stress and anxiety levels, to getting pumped. Whatever the customer needs, they can find a product that will suit them in their health package.

Although Persona Nutrition is mainly focused on broadly middle-aged customers, anyone can benefit from their health subscriptions if they require it.

It is worth keeping in mind, of course, that adding a whole range of new supplements to your diet can have some potential knock-on effects.

If you are thinking of subscribing to one of Persona Nutrition’s health evaluations and packages, you should consult a doctor or other health professional, to get an extra opinion on whether these news health additives are a good idea for you.

Persona Vitamins Review – Are Persona Nutrition’s Products Effective?

Persona Nutrition purchases their supplements and vitamins through their suppliers, who are trusted to deliver products that are both safe to use and are highly effective at doing their stated purpose, that is thoroughly tested throughout their production.

However, because there is no third-party organization that doesn’t certify the supplements separate from the manufacturer or Persona Nutrition, it is reasonable to be a little hesitant.

Fortunately, one of the company’s main values is a belief in being transparent with their customers about what their products do, or have been known to do.

To help fulfill this key company value, Persona Nutrition will also provide its customers with plenty of detailed information for each of its supplement products.

This information will include knowledge such as what research has been done on it, what precisely each product is listed as being able to treat, and their other effects, and other useful information such as this.

Keep in mind that, although almost all the health products and supplements that Persona Nutrition offers are approved by their medical board, you should keep in mind that there may be a disparity with how much information each vitamin or additive has with their information.

Some products may have just been released, or have relatively little scientific research available to a wider audience, whilst others will have plenty of information for you to make decisions with on whether they are right for you.

How Much Does Persona Vitamins Cost?

The package price will vary depending on what pack combination pack you want to receive from Persona Nutrition.

Depending on the lifestyle pack you go for, and the extra you add at your discretion, prices can range from anywhere from just over $20, to up to $80 for the standard packs that Persona Nutrition promotes, which works out to roughly $0.06 to $1.83 for a daily dose in their 28-day package.

This does not include any changes you make to these packages based on the vitamins that you might add to these packs, so make sure to keep this in mind when you arrive at the online checkout. 

Other Persona Nutrition FAQs

How Long Does It Usually Take For Persona Nutrition’s Health Packages To Arrive?

Person Nutrition’s orders typically take anywhere from 5-10 days to arrive by delivery, although this will vary depending on the time of year, and where you live.

If your package hasn’t arrived by 21 days after you made your purchase, make sure to contact Persona Nutrition’s customer service team.

How Do I Cancel My Person Subscription Service?

Simply log in online through your Persona Nutrition account, and select the pause/cancel subscription’ option in your settings.

This will allow you to rejoin after you have canceled as well, in case you change your mind and wish to continue.

Just keep in mind that you cannot cancel your ordered package on the same day that you bought it, as the order will have to make its way through the shipment register system before it is fully recognized.


All in all, Persona Nutrition vitamins is an excellent service if you are looking to take a little more care of your health, but don’t necessarily have as much time as they’d like to be able to find out what works best for them.

Whether you’re a Mother in their late 50’s, and man in his mid 40’s, or a parent in their 20’s or 30’s, Persona Nutrition will be able to help you figure out how best to live your life, with none of the stress of doing it by yourself. When it comes to health, no one should have to worry about what is best for them.

Make sure to check with your doctor through this process as you try new supplements, of course. An expert opinion you can trust is always a good call, even with a company that is experienced and respectful like Persona Nutrition.

Disclaimer: this article does not constitute or replace medical advice. If you have an emergency or a serious medical question, please contact a medical professional or call 911 immediately. To see our full medical disclaimer, visit our Terms of Use page.

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