While getting your wisdom teeth removed isn’t the most fun process, it’s important to remove these third molars before they start causing any problems. From damaging neighboring teeth to slowly decaying, keeping in your problematic wisdom teeth instead of removing them can cause various issues. But, if you’re one of the lucky ones, you may be able to keep them in if they aren’t causing you any trouble. Recovery after surgery can be difficult, especially when finding foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal.

Wisdom teeth removal works to solve the previously mentioned problems, but not all of your third molar problems disappear after surgery. Once removed, it’s crucial that you get the proper nutrition in your diet to minimize complications, aid the wound-healing process, and reduce swelling. 

Eating after wisdom teeth surgery is not an easy feat. The foods that you eat post-surgery need to be soft and easy to chew to avoid any damage and pain. These foods also should be rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein in order to promote healing. But while you may think your new diet needs to only consist of smoothies and juice, there’s actually a wide variety of options for your post wisdom teeth surgery diet.

1. Mashed Potatoes

This first food provides a comforting feeling that can be found not just at your thanksgiving dinner table. Mashed potatoes are rich in calories and nutrients, making them a great choice for food after your surgery. Plus, if you’re struggling to eat enough food, you can get enough calories and nutrients in just a few bites of mashed potatoes, making it the perfect option.

2. Blended Soups

Whether it’s tomato, pumpkin, or broccoli cheddar, blended soup serves as a great option for post-surgery eating. This option is easy to consume and it contains no bits that may harm your wounds. Plus, blended soups can help with hydration, which is important after surgery. If you’re looking for a painless, tasty meal after your wisdom tooth surgery, you may want to try blended soup. 

3. Greek Yogurt

This next food option for after wisdom teeth removal surgery can be a great breakfast or snack option if you find yourself hungry throughout the day. Greek yogurt is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals, which is great because high-protein foods help speed up the recovery process. 

4. Avocado

Avocado is a versatile, low-carb, high-fat fruit that is a great addition to your post-surgery diet. The smooth texture of avocado makes the eating process both seamless and painless. Plus, it’s been known to help fast-track your way to recovery. If you find your avocado too firm to eat, try whipping or mashing the fruit for an easier way of eating it.

4. Salmon

If this next food surprises you, the texture and benefits of it will blow you away. Salmon is soft, easy-to-chew, and one of the healthiest fish out there that you can eat. If you’re looking to gain a rich source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, salmon is perfect to incorporate into your after-surgery routine. Plus, these fatty acids aid wound healing by reducing inflammation.

5. Instant Oatmeal

With all of the different types of foods out there, oats reign as one of the healthiest of them all. Not only are oats extremely filling, but they also are loaded with fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Because oats can have a sticky, chewy texture, you may want to wait a few days after surgery to consume them. 

6. Scrambled Eggs

If you’re a breakfast lover, this next food will definitely suit your fancy. Scrambled eggs rank high among the options of food to eat after your wisdom teeth removal. This is because they’re packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals. Not all eggs are post-surgery friendly though, so it’s best to stick to scrambled eggs to make it as pain-free as possible.

7. Applesauce

If you’re a fan of apples, not to worry, you can still eat them, just in applesauce form. Eating applesauce helps increase your fruit intake in a pain-free process, while also providing vitamins such as vitamin C. This vitamin helps boost your immune system, which helps your healing process out greatly.

8. Cottage Cheese

If you’re a cheese fanatic, you don’t have to give it up after wisdom teeth removal. Eating cottage cheese is a great way to get your daily fill of vitamins and minerals, without all of the calories. This soft and creamy cheese is easy to eat and packed with protein, making recovery speed up. You can even add cottage cheese to your scrambled eggs to get the best of both worlds!

9. Hummus

Have you ever had hummus without the pita or the chips? If so, this food is a great option for after your surgery. Not only is hummus delicious by itself, but it’s also a great source of healthy fats, minerals, proteins, and vitamins. This makes it a more than ideal option for someone who just got their wisdom teeth taken out.

10. Broths

If blended soup isn’t your style, broths provided a lot of the same benefits. This easy-to-consume option is a great source of nutrients after your surgery and it helps with hydration as well. If you’re looking for a tasty way to obtain your vitamins and minerals after surgery, bone broth may be perfect for you.

The Bottom Line

As you can probably tell, incorporating soft but nutrient-rich foods into your diet after wisdom teeth surgery is crucial. If you just had surgery, be sure to avoid spicy foods, crunchy foods, chewy foods, and alcohol as these all can be both painful and deter your recovery process. Before you have your surgery, it might be a good idea to fill your cabinet with some of your favorite foods from this list so you can be both nourished and satisfied!

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