It is a popular snack option on a wide range of diets but is imitation crab keto friendly?

Is Imitation Crab Keto?


At 14.5 grams of net carbs per serving, imitation crab is not keto friendly. Imitation crab also features a high sugar content, which can easily kick your body out of ketosis.

Why isn’t Imitation Crab Keto Friendly?

High in Carbs

In a 100-gram serving of imitation crab, there are a total of 14.5 net carbs. Since those on keto diets aim to stay within the daily allowance of 20-30 grams of net carbs, imitation crab isn’t keto friendly.

While a wide variety of seafood is keto, imitation crab is not because of its high carb and high sugar content.

High in Sugars

There are approximately 6 grams of sugar in 100 grams of imitation crab.

On a keto diet, it’s important to keep your sugar intake low so your body can remain in ketosis, which means imitation crab is not fit for keto.

Nutritional Info

Serving size: 100 grams

Net Carbs14.5 grams
Fat0.46 grams
Protein7.62 grams
Total Carbs15 grams
Fiber0.5 grams
Calories95 calories
Sugars6 grams


While imitation crab is not keto friendly, there are plenty of other types of shellfish that are low in net carbs, including:

  • King Crab: 0 grams of total net carbs.
  • Snow Crab: 0 grams of total net carbs.
  • Crayfish: 0 grams of total net carbs.
  • Crawfish: 0 grams of total net carbs.

The Bottom Line

Imitation crab is not keto friendly because it contains a high amount of carbs and sugars.

In a 100-gram serving of imitation crab, there are 14.5 grams of total net carbs and 6 grams of sugar, which puts your body at serious risk of being kicked out of ketosis.

For best results on the keto diet, it’s best to avoid imitation crab and replace it with other alternatives like King Crab, Snow Crab, or Crayfish.

In order to achieve a healthy weight loss on keto, it’s important to achieve the ideal macronutrient ratio of 70% fat, 20-25% protein, and 5-10% carbs per day.

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