Salsa is naturally low in carbs, making most salsa keto friendly. Despite this, it’s important to check the ingredients on the label to be sure it won’t kick you out of ketosis.


Is It Keto?


Why is Salsa Keto?

Low in Carbs

A 100-gram serving of generic salsa typically contains 5.6 grams of total net carbs.

In a daily keto diet, it’s recommended that you stay between 20-30 grams of total net carbs per day, making salsa able to fit into that budget with ease.

That being said, there are many types of salsa available for purchase, meaning the amount of total net carbs may vary.

In order to ensure the salsa is keto friendly, be sure to check the ingredients and read the label on the jar. Plus, be sure to eat the salsa with a low-carb options like a taco salad or vegetables instead of tortilla chips.

Low in Sugars

In order for your body to remain into ketosis, it’s recommended that you avoid having a high amount of sugar in your daily diet.

In 100 grams of salsa, there typically is around 0.9 grams of total sugars, making it a great keto friendly option.

As mentioned previously, it’s important to verify the amount of sugar in a bottle of salsa before purchase, as the amount of sugar varies per brand.

The Bottom Line

Due to its low carb and sugar content, salsa is keto friendly. There are a plethora of salsa brands to choose from, making it important to ensure the nutrition information fits into your keto diet.

Salsa can also be made at home so you can be certain that what you’re putting into your body is 100% keto-approved. To accompany your salsa, be sure to avoid tortilla chips, as they typically contain a high amount of carbs.

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