Best Mushroom Coffee

Mushroom coffee is a trend that is quickly growing in popularity and is a good alternative to your regular caffeine-filled morning joe. It contains less caffeine and brings many significant health benefits to the table due to the inclusion of medicinally potent mushrooms.

We rounded up the best mushroom coffee on the market and break down what makes them so beneficial.

If there’s anything you’re still unsure about, our FAQ at the end of the article will clear up any confusion.

Best Mushroom Coffee (Our review)

Here are some of the best mushroom coffees available on the market along with their ingredients and benefits:

1. Ryze Mushroom Infused Coffee

The biggest downside to drinking and enjoying your coffee is the amount of caffeine getting pumped into your body. Too much caffeine has many bad side effects such as increased anxiety.

Ryze Mushroom Infused coffee does contain caffeine, but the amount isn’t nearly as much as your normal cup of coffee. It’s an all-natural, keto-friendly product that contains very little sugar which is good for those wanting to cut down on refined sugars.

Where a regular cup of coffee has around 150 mg of caffeine, Ryze’s product has only around 50 mg per serving which is more than enough to get your day started on the right foot.

This product is supercharged with 6 different mushrooms. These include Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Shiitake, Turkey Tail, Reishi, and King Trumpet. Since we have already discussed the benefits of lion’s mane, let’s look at the benefits of the other mushrooms.


Cordyceps are a type of medical mushroom that are used in traditional Chinese medicine and its benefits include boosting exercise performance and containing anti-aging and anti-tumor properties.

Shiitake grows on fallen timber and has high amounts of copper. This provides support to bones, your immune system, and blood vessels.

Turkey Tail is a part of the Polygonaceae family in the fungi kingdom and is loaded with antioxidants that help promote your immune system by reducing inflammation. It is often used to make turkey tail tea but has many benefits.

Reishi grows in warm conditions throughout Asia. The benefits of this mushroom include helping with digestion, improving the condition of your lungs, and having many anti-cancer properties.

Lastly, we have the King Trumpet mushroom belonging to the oyster mushroom family. The benefits of the King Trumpet include lowering cholesterol levels, anti-cancer properties, and helping with weight loss.

The best lion’s mane supplements usually contain at least 2000mg of active ingredients in each serving, Ryze Superfoods includes exactly that amount but of their mushroom blend, so all 5 mushrooms total 2000mg per serving.

The combination of all these mushrooms and their benefits makes this a much healthier and more beneficial coffee replacement.

After having your cup of Ryze, you will notice mental fog clearing almost instantly, a boost in your mood, and an increase in focus. That same focusing energy you experience from normal coffee is present, but without the jitters and other downsides that come with drinking too much caffeine.

This coffee can be enjoyed in the same way that you enjoy your regular coffee. It has a warm, earthy taste that will take some time getting used to, but once you go Ryze, you’ll never want to go back to normal coffee.

A bag of Ryze Mushroom Infused Coffee will cost you around $30 for 30 sachets, making this on the premium side of mushroom coffee.


  • Packed with beneficial mushrooms
  • Instantly mix and enjoy
  • Low caffeine content
  • Mental and physical boost


  • Not the cheapest option

2. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Mix

Four Sigmatic created a coffee that aims to eliminate the caffeine crashes that comes with drinking regular coffee by using Lion’s Mane and Chaga extracts.

Lion’s mane is good for the brain and gives you a mental energy boost, whilst Chaga supports the immune system and plays an important role in reducing heart problems.

As with most products containing lion’s mane and chaga extracts, mushroom coffee shouldn’t be consumed by pregnant or lactating women and it’s best to consult your physician before trying any of these products. This warning is on the box too.

The Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee mix comes in sachets and acts as an instant coffee, making it accessible, allowing you to take it wherever you go. So, there’s no need for a coffee machine or spending a lot of time to get that morning cup of joe into your system.


The taste is described as a fruity and medium flavor, but it would be more accurate to say it has a pleasant earthy flavor. The initial taste might throw some people off as it isn’t like your everyday cup of joe, but it only gets better the more you drink it. It’s certainly an acquired taste.

It’s best enjoyed with milk and sugar, but we aren’t here for the taste. Instead, we want to focus on what benefits this mushroom coffee brings to the mug.


One of the benefits of drinking this coffee includes minimizing the negative effects that come with drinking regular coffee such as crashing, jitters, and headaches.

The mushroom extracts in this product will keep you energized and focused so that you can get right back to work.

The effects aren’t night and day, but you can certainly notice a difference after drinking the coffee. It won’t give you the energy you get from a caffeinated energy drink, but it will keep you focused and restore a place of mental balance.

This Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Mix is a great addition to a healthy diet. It will only add extra benefits to everything you are already doing in your diet that will keep your physical and mental health in a good state.

Coming in at around $15, this isn’t the cheapest coffee on the market, but this isn’t just your regular store-bought coffee so the price will be higher compared to that of normal coffee.


  • Keeps the negative effects of coffee at bay
  • Keeps you focused
  • Good addition to a healthy diet
  • Easy to make


  • Taste won’t be for everyone

3. MUD/WTR Coffee Alternative

MUD/WTR is marketed as a coffee replacement to help people limit their caffeine intake.

The different mushrooms found within this mix include lion’s mane, cordyceps, chaga, and reishi.

Now that we know the benefits of all these mushrooms, we can be certain that this product will be beneficial to our health.

It has less than a seventh of caffeine found in a normal cup of coffee and eliminates the bad side effects from drinking regular coffee.

Texture-wise, this doesn’t drink like coffee as a lot of the components don’t break down fully when mixed into boiling water. This gives it a sandy texture at times. It’s not unbearable but you won’t get the same texture from having regular coffee.

The taste is pleasantly refreshing, and again since we include mushrooms into the mix, very earthy.

It’s also straightforward to make and versatile to use. It can be added to smoothies, turned into an iced coffee, and much more.

Other elements that might add to the flavor and benefits include masala chai, cinnamon which helps regulate blood sugar, turmeric which is a powerful anti-inflammatory, and Himalayan sea salt that balances electrolytes.

MUD/WTR provides a good boost in mental and physical energy which is thanks to the mushrooms in the blend. This change isn’t extremely noticeable, but it will give you an afternoon jolt without the risk of getting a crash in the evening.

It comes in a starter kit that’s priced around $40 so that makes this one of the more expensive mushroom coffees.


  • Great taste
  • Versatile
  • Helps keep you energized and focussed
  • Easy to prepare


  •  Sandy texture

4. Super U Mushroom Coffee

Super U Mushroom coffee has appeared in Forbes magazine and on the popular BBC show Dragon’s Den. It’s certainly making a scene in the world of mushroom coffee. They are trying to bring superfoods to as many people as possible.

The blend in this product includes 3 different types of functional mushrooms. These are cordyceps, lion’s mane, and chaga, all of which we have discussed the benefits.


The combination of these mushrooms into a single product can make you feel more energetic, improve mental clarity, and boost your energy levels.

Another inclusion in the mix is the maca root. It’s grown on the western slopes of the Andes and is an adaptogenic herb meaning it helps your body resist physical and emotional stress. This herb can increase your sex drive and balance hormone levels.

Super U Shroom Coffee comes packaged in a glossy, recyclable cardboard container that has easy-to-read ingredients and nutritional facts. There are neat visual representations of the ingredients covering the surface area of the container too.

This product is gluten-free and contains no artificial flavorings. It’s also vegan-friendly.

Having it as a black coffee, the taste is compared to a lighter and earthy espresso.

Adding your favorite milk or milk substitute will make for a creamier taste that isn’t overpowered by caffeine. This is due to Super U using half of the normal caffeine dosage found in most coffees, freeing you from jitters.

This is a versatile product that can easily be turned into an iced coffee if you want to cool yourself down on a hot summer day. It can also be used as an additional flavor to your favorite protein shake.

Drinking this coffee will help you power through your day by boosting your energy levels and clearing any mental fog, ensuring that you remain focused.

A 2-month supply for $35 makes this product well worth the asking price and will leave buyers feeling satisfied with their purchase.


  • Versatile
  • Gluten-free and vegan 
  • Cool packaging
  • Variety of mushrooms in the mix


  • Acquired taste

Mushroom Coffee FAQs

Does mushroom coffee taste like mushrooms?

Thankfully, mushroom coffee doesn’t taste like the mushrooms you have on your dinner plate. The best way to describe mushroom coffee is an earthy and sometimes nutty flavor depending on what brand you purchase.

Will drinking mushroom coffee have any benefits to my health?

Due to the various mushrooms used in the coffee, each mushroom has different benefits that, when brought together into a single product, make for a superfood with many upsides.

These include an improvement in the immune system, anti-cancer and -ulcer properties, and aiding in heart disease.

Does mushroom coffee contain caffeine?

Most blends of mushroom coffee contain caffeine, but it’s significantly lower than what’s found in regular coffee due to the fact that fewer coffee are beans used in the blend.

It does contain more caffeine than decaffeinated coffee though.

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