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What are the best mushroom tinctures? Students may need that mental boost from the Lion’s Mane tincture when studying. Some people have heart problems and require some of Chaga’s tincture. Others may need to improve their digestive system using Reishi’s tincture.

No matter who you are and what you need, we have you covered on which products we found to be the most effective.

This roundup will cover everything you need to know about mushroom tinctures, and which one works best for the situation.

The 5 Best Mushroom Tinctures

  1. Mushroom Vitality from GundryMD
  2. Gū Society’s Boost Mushroom Tincture
  3. Clarity Spagyric Mushroom Tincture
  4. Wellab’s Lion’s Mane Extract
  5. Rainbo’s Lion’s Mane Brain Power Super-Mushroom

1. Mushroom Vitality from GundryMD

Our top-rated mushroom tincture comes from GundryMD. Their Mushroom vitality dropper combines three of the most beneficial mushrooms used in the supplement world today. It is formulated to help fortify your immune system and provide some

What is it good for?

Mushroom Vitality contains a blend of Reishi, Chaga, and Coriolus mushrooms.

Here are the benefits of each:

Does it work?

I definitely felt an energy boost in the morning after consistently taking a full dropper in the morning and another before bed. It took about a week before I started to notice the difference. I have continued to take Mushroom Vitality as part of my daily supplement routine.

It’s harder to give a definitive answer as to the immune-supporting benefits of the tincture.


  • Made in the USA
  • 90 day guarantee
  • Third-party tested for quality control


  • No lion’s mane

2. Gū Society’s Healthy Heart Boost Mushroom Tincture

Gū Society isn’t as well known as other manufacturers, but they’ve provided the market with a product that combines some of the tinctures.

Whilst the other tinctures are aimed at clearing the mind and boosting productivity, this product is designed to strengthen the heart.

It ensures that your heart remains in a healthy condition as the antioxidants found in Reishi and Lion’s Mane combine to improve cardiovascular function. The Chaga tincture also plays a big role in reducing any stress-related heart conditions due to it being adaptogenic.  

Like Wellab’s, this tincture is alcohol-free. Instead, it uses purified water, which means there’s no need to worry about any alcoholic effects on the body.

What is it good for?

Another aspect that sets this product apart from the previous tinctures is its blend of 3 mushrooms. These are Lion’s Mane, Reishi, and an adaptogen mushroom called Chaga.

The Chaga tincture is used to relax muscles and as an appetite suppressor due to its fiber content.

Combining all 3 mushrooms into one bottle creates a product that gives you the beneficial properties of each tincture.

The taste is overly sweet, but the Gū Society recommends taking two drops on its own after every meal. 

Does it work?

After a few days, you’ll notice a reduction in any heart-related stress as your heart rate becomes more stable.

The 3 mushroom combinations don’t achieve each goal of the tinctures, but this product is mainly for those who have heart problems and wish to keep it in a healthy state.

The Chagga tincture stands out as being the most effective as it regulates stress levels and reduces inflammation. We found this to be the most noticeable effect when taking this product.

Priced at $35, it’s well worth the price and is successful in what it sets out to do.


  • Alcohol-free
  • The inclusion of Chaga tincture
  • Improves heart health
  • Good quantity inside the bottle


  • Too sweet
  • Takes a few days to work

3. The Medicinal Mushroom Company’s Clarity Spagyric Mushroom Tincture

The Clarity Spagyric Mushroom Tincture doesn’t contain grain ethanol. Instead, it uses organic cane alcohol along with purified mineral salts.

Another standout is the inclusion of Reishi tincture. This helps with digestion, improves the condition of your lungs, and has many anti-inflammatory properties.

Combining both Reishi and Lion’s Mane tinctures makes for a strong product with many benefits.

Other listed ingredients include organic cat’s claw extract, bacopa extract, and cinnamon.

What Is It Good For?

The Medical Mushroom Company sells this as a product that improves focus and clears the mind. They recommend adding it to coffee or placing the drops under the tongue.

Where this differs from Rainbo’s product is the taste. This will affect the flavor of your coffee as the cinnamon and other natural ingredients make for a bitter drink. Mushroom coffee is a growing niche within the mushroom world itslef.

Does it work?

The Clarity Spagyric tincture’s effects are almost immediate. There’s no noticeable crash during the day and no side effects.

It will help you stay productive when that midday dip hits and can keep you focused for hours.

If caffeine isn’t your way to start the morning, this is a great replacement.

You can pick up a bottle for around $35, making it cheaper than Rainbo’s product and giving you more bang for your buck.


  • Boost in energy
  • Inclusion of Reishi tincture
  • Affordable
  • Good flavour


  • Alcoholic contents can be a make or break
  • Doesn’t have a long-lasting effect

4. Wellab’s Lion’s Mane Extract

Staying focused and ensuring that you remain productive isn’t easy. You may find yourself taking products that are overpriced and have zero effects on the brain.

Lion’s Mane mushrooms are found in Asia and Europe. They mostly grow on oak trees and are harvested dry as they tend to rot when waterlogged.

Lion’s Mane supplements keep your brain healthy by relieving stress and improving concentration. It has long-term benefits including combating Alzheimer’s.

What Is It Good For?

Wellab blends Lion Mane extract, purified water, vegetable glycerine, and potassium sorbate to make for a healthy product. It’s also free of gluten and GMOs.

Their product promises that Lion Mane’s extract boosts the immune system, helps with concentration, and makes you calm.

Wellab claims that this product has a taste resembling lobster, but this isn’t the case. If anything, it resembles sweet candy rather than seafood.

If you have a bit of sweet tooth, you will find the taste to be pleasant on the palette and easy to swallow.

Does It Work?

Aside from the taste, we wanted to make sure that their product description was accurate.

You will notice a change after 20 minutes, removing signs of stress and giving you that boost to get some work done.

One downside is that this change only lasts a few hours and leads to crashing and feeling lethargic afterward. This may lead to headaches and nausea during the night for some.

This is a good alternative to caffeine-infused products that serve the same purpose.

It’s also good for those who avoid alcohol as most tincture products have alcoholic contents. 

They retail for around $20 making this one of the most affordable tincture products on the market.


  • Immediate effect
  • Easy to swallow
  • Alcohol-free
  • Affordable


  • Leads to headaches
  • Doesn’t have a long-lasting effect

5. Rainbo’s Lion’s Mane Brain Power Super-Mushroom

What sets this apart from Wellab’s product is the balance of 30% organic ethanol to 70% spring water. Rainbo’s product is vegan-friendly, certified organic, and GMO-free.

Lion’s Mane mushrooms reach their full potential when soaked in alcohol as it draws out the active ingredients. While this makes for a more potent tincture, it excludes pregnant people and anyone who doesn’t drink.

What Is It Good For?

The ethanol in Rainbo’s product makes it more effective with lower chances of negative side effects.

The taste is easy on the palette and can be mixed with your morning coffee as there is no distinct taste to it.

Does It Work?

The effect isn’t instantaneous and takes a few days of consistent use to feel the change.

Rainbo markets this product as the key to mental clarity and they weren’t wrong. Adding this to coffee, or drinking it as is, clears the mind and keeps you on your toes.

If you have a lot on your mind but also need to get things done, we highly recommend Rainbo’s Lion’s Mane Brain Power Super mushroom drops. They increase mental function without the jitters and anxiety that sometimes come with brain-boosting supplements.

One bottle usually costs around $40 so it isn’t the most affordable, but it’s highly effective.


  • Easy on the palette
  •  Clears mental fog
  • Improves gut health
  • Good quality and does the job


  • Takes a while to kick in
  •  Expensive

6. Lifecykel’s Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract

This is an interesting product as it’s the only one that uses a dual extract method. This means the tincture extraction process uses both water and alcohol.

This makes for a tincture that can be added to anything without affecting the flavor.

Other than alcohol and filtered water, the product contains Lion Mane’s Mycelia and Kakadu plum natural flavors. The product is GMO and gluten-free and contains vitamin C for immune function.

What is it good for?

As with most Lion’s Mane supplements, Lifecykel’s tincture is marketed as a brain booster to help you focus.

Another aspect that sets Lifecykel apart is that it helps with insomnia and allows for deeper and longer nights of sleep.

Whether using it in the morning for a mental boost or during the night for a good sleep, Lifecykel gives you the best of both worlds.

Lifecykel recommends adding drops to your coffee or any morning beverage as the taste is barely noticeable.

Does it work?

The fascinating feature of this product is how immediate the effect is. After mixing it into a morning coffee, it instantly clears the mind and improves your mood.

Clearing the mind leads to an improvement in both productivity and will help you get a good amount of sleep. Getting a good amount of sleep will improve your mood, reduce stress, and allow you to think clearly and positively.

Be mindful of the alcohol content before purchasing as it can cause nausea. It’s important to follow the dosage on the bottle and not overdo it if you don’t get immediate results.

This product is for $25 making it a steal.


  • Cheapest of the lot
  • Inclusion of vitamin C
  • Helps with insomnia
  • Gluten-free


  • Packaging isn’t clear about alcohol contents
  • Can cause nausea depending on dosage 

Mushroom Tinctures FAQs  

Is There a Correct Way to Use Mushroom Tinctures?

Most tinctures can be taken as is, but some brands prefer them to be mixed into a coffee or smoothie if the tincture doesn’t have a distinct taste.

Can You Combine Different Tinctures?

You can combine tinctures to make for a more potent product.

Some products, like The Clarity Spagyric Mushroom Tincture, combine Lion’s Mane and Reishi tinctures, making for a stronger and more effective product.

Where Do I Store My Mushroom Tinctures?

Store the bottle somewhere dry and dark. Any room temperature place would be perfect.

We don’t recommend a refrigerator as it’s cold and wet which leads to ageing.

Disclaimer: this article does not constitute or replace medical advice. If you have an emergency or a serious medical question, please contact a medical professional or call 911 immediately. To see our full medical disclaimer, visit our Terms of Use page.

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