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MUD/WTR has stepped onto the scene, promising to deliver the energy and focus we crave from our daily coffee, but without the downsides. As demand for coffee alternatives surges, we took the plunge into the world of MUD/WTR to evaluate its benefits, taste, and value for money.

This article will discuss how it works and the ingredients behind it. We’ll also see what verified MUD/WTR reviews have to say about their experience with the product and share our own experiences with it. Then we’ll cast our judgment on whether or not MUD/WTR will be worth the buck.

Review Summary

MUD/WTR is a coffee alternative that offers a whole host of benefits, including a more even and sharper energy boost.

➡️ It is somewhat of an acquired taste that you quickly adapt to, especially if you like chai tea.

➡️ It offers an energy boost with fewer ups and downs and we found it to completely remove ‘jittery’ feelings.

➡️ The benefits offered by the mushroom blend are our favorite thing bout MUD/WTR.

❌ It doesn’t really taste like coffee, so if that’s what you’re looking for maybe it’s not for you.

❌ It can be a little grainy, definitely not as smooth as coffee

Why A Coffee Substitute?

Drinking coffee isn’t a health sin per se. The familiar smell and flavor are irresistible, and its benefits like increased mental focus, boosted natural energy, and even getting rid of a morning hangover make it handy for most people. Unfortunately, they end up being dependent on coffee, which gradually evolves into an addiction, which then causes health problems.

Here’s where coffee alternatives come into the picture. Tea, for example, is often a substitute because it has a lower amount of caffeine and fewer side effects. But many others would still prefer having the old familiar smell and flavor of their cup of joe with their fix, so that’s why certain brands like MUD/WTR have concocted coffee substitutes replicating the taste of coffee, but without the jitters that come with it.

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What Is MUD/WTR?

MUD/WTR is a coffee alternative whose ingredients mostly consist of a variety of organic spices and powdered mushrooms to bring out the same benefits of coffee, but with only less than a fraction of the amount of caffeine that you’d get in an ordinary cup of coffee. The low caffeine level is ideal for those sensitive to larger amounts or those who want to avoid being too dependent on coffee.

MUD/WTR at a Glance

  • A unique blend of organic spices and powdered mushrooms, MUD/WTR offers a smoother and more focused energy boost, unlike traditional coffee.
  • The beverage has a chai-like taste with a unique twist, which might need some getting used to.
  • MUD/WTR promises an energy surge without the jittery feelings often associated with caffeine.
  • The mushroom blend is the superstar, offering numerous health benefits.
  • However, if you’re a true coffee-lover seeking that distinct coffee taste, MUD/WTR might not hit the mark.

MUD/WTR Variants

MUD/WTR Flavor range

There are 4 variants of MUD/WTR coffee. This review will primarily focus on their hero product, the original MUD/WTR rise (black tin)

MUD/WTR – The Original (:rise)

MUD/WTR Original Tin

MUD/WTR :rise serves as the morning cup of coffee. All of the ingredients included in the blend work to keep your health at its prime by delivering the following benefits:

Provides Energy Boost

This is the principal function of the MUD :rise. A quick afternoon cup of MUD water can supply you the energy you need to jumpstart the daily grind and recharge you when you feel drained, all to help tackle the day’s tasks.

Rich In Antioxidants

This coffee substitute is loaded with antioxidants, even more than what your regular cup of coffee has. These antioxidants help protect the cells against damage from free radicals, which may play a role in heart disease, cancer, and many other diseases.

Improves Cognitive Functions.

A strong, working mind is vital to a productive workday. It helps you absorb knowledge better, make sound judgments, prioritize things, solve problems, and pay attention to details. Mud’s ingredients help sharpen your cognitive abilities and prevent any form of decline/degeneration.


MUD/WTR powder
MUD/WTR Powder Close Up

MUD/WTR :rise contains the following ingredients that provide you the same kick of energy sans the unwanted palpitations. Read our full post on the MUD/WTR ingredients and their benefits.

  • Cacao – the plant is mostly known for and used in chocolate, cocoa powder, and cocoa butter, among other things. Cacao serves many health functions with its properties: it helps lower blood pressure, improves blood flow, and prevents blood clots. It reduces the risk of diabetes, inflammation, and heart diseases, promotes heart health, and improves brain function.
  • Chaga Mushrooms – a type of mushroom loaded with B-complex vitamins, Vitamin D, potassium, calcium, and iron. Its high anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties are mainly used to boost the immune system, reduce bodily inflammations, help lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of cancers and heart disease, reduce blood sugar levels, and improve insulin resistance.
  • Cinnamon is a spice rich in vitamins B and K, and antioxidants prevent oxidative stress. Its anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties made it a popular remedy in Chinese medicine. Cinnamon also promotes gut health thanks to its prebiotic properties, reduces blood pressure, and lowers the risk for type-2 diabetes and cognitive decline.
  • Cordyceps – rich in vitamins E, K, B1, B2, and B12, and minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, and zinc. It helps treat conditions like respiratory disorders, liver disorders, arrhythmias, high cholesterol, and even sexual problems among men. It can boost one’s physical performance and is good for heart health.
  • Himalayan Salt – its pink color is due to the trace minerals present in the salt, such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium. It helps relieve respiratory diseases, regulates blood sugar levels, reduces the signs of aging, improves sleep quality, and increases libido.
  • Lion’s Mane – the benefits of lion’s mane mushrooms are often used to promote good digestion, prevent brain decline (e.g., Alzheimer’s, dementia et al.), manage symptoms of anxiety and depression, promote faster recovery from nervous system injuries, and cut the risk for heart disease.
  • Masala Chai – a type of beverage originating from India, this tea helps boost the immune system, promote heart health, aid digestion, prevent cancer risk, increase energy levels, and reduce bodily inflammation.
  • Reishi Mushrooms – helps boost the immune system, reduces stress, improves sleep, controls blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and lessens fatigue. It’s also said to help the production of estrogen and progesterone.
  • Turmeric – a brilliant yellow spice from India with scientifically-proven health benefits, which can keep you in an optimal state. Turmeric can also reduce cancer risk, lower cholesterol levels, prevent cognitive decline, improve the skin, and relieve symptoms of depression. 

MUD/WTR Taste Test – Our Review

MUD/WTR Taste Test

So you’ve heard about the benefits but the biggest factor I was concerned with when it came to MUD/WTR was the taste. Does it taste like coffee? Does it taste like tea? Will it satiate that need that I have for an early morning hot drink that puts a pep in my step?

I found the MUD/WTR taste to be closer to a slightly thicker, strong chai tea than coffee. This makes sense as the masala chai is one of the main ingredients and the cacao powder and the mushroom blend adds a thickness to the mouthfeel.

It’s definitely a different flavor to anything I was used to, especially in the coffee world.

One huge tip would be to NEVER drink it without using the battery-powered frother to fully mix the ingredients. For my first cup of MUD/WTR, I simply mixed it with a spoon which was a big mistake. It was grainy and clumped together.

MUD/WTR powder

When you use the frother you get a completely different drink. It thickens up a bit, gets smoother, and results in a nice, frothy head, similar to a traditional latte.

My least favorite thing about MUD/WTR is the final few sips, no matter how I made it, there would inevitably be a lot of grainy sediment at the bottom of the cup. This always made my final few sips a struggle, in turn leaving me with a less favorable view of the product. I just can’t get passed it.

The photos below show the standard level of sediment I get at the end of every cup. These are two separate cups of MUD. The cups were completely clean prior to making each drink. As you can see there is a significant amount of grainy powder at the bottom and on the sides of each cup.

MUD/WTR Sediment In Cup
The dreaded sediment
Even more grainy sediment

Overall, I was able to adjust my palate to want MUD/WTR after several days but at first, I was definitely a little underwhelmed as I was hoping for it to closer resemble coffee in terms of its taste profile.

The biggest hurdle that prevents me from renewing my subscription is the graininess and grittiness of the final few mouthfuls. It really is a struggle to finish each cup. We have tested many alternatives and have found options like, Beyond Brew, to not have the same issues on this front.

MUD/WTR :rest

The opposite of :rise, :rest is a caffeine-free drink that helps promote a calm state so that you can rest well. Ideally, this beverage should be taken before one hits the sack in order to promote relaxation and calm.


:rest has a different set of ingredients compared to :rise. This blend also includes turmeric, cinnamon, and reishi, but the following spices provide its relaxing

  • Rooibos chai – a traditional African herbal tea containing vital minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and alpha hydroxyl acid. It’s also rich in antioxidants and unique polyphenols like aspalathin, which can help fight free radicals in the body.
  • Valerian root – a wild perennial plant that helps induce sleepiness, improve sleep quality, reduce anxiety, improve symptoms of OCD, and manage children’s hyperactive behavior.
  • Ashwagandha – an ayurvedic plant that helps lower blood sugar levels. It also normalizes cortisol levels, reduces stress and anxiety, increases muscle mass, improves sexual function among women, and increases fertility and testosterone levels in men.
  • Passionflower – traditionally used to aid with sleeping problems (insomnia), seizures, hysteria, and anxiety, especially pre-surgery anxiety. It can also control ADHD symptoms in children aged 6-13.
  • Chamomile – widely known for its sleeping-inducing and relaxing benefits. It also promotes digestive health, controls blood sugar levels, and is beneficial to one’s heart health. 
  • Lucuma – a fruit rich in fiber and antioxidants like carotenoids and polyphenols which prevent cancers and heart disease. 
  • Turkey tail – helps relieve stress, anxiety, and fatigue, boost your immune system, promote cellular health, and improve your gut bacteria’s balance. It’s also rich in powerful antioxidants that can positively impact your overall health. 

Recommended Serving

Preparing a serving of MUD doesn’t involve any complicated rituals.

Simply add one (1) tablespoon to your coffee mug, pour some hot water, and stir it well, just as you would do with a cup of coffee.  While the drink goes well in itself, others tend to add creamer, milk, or sweeteners.

Be sure to use the included frother to stir and completely mix the powder.

Pros and Cons

We’ve laid out some of our observations about this product to help you have an idea of what to expect: 


  • Contains all-natural ingredients.
  • Low in calories.
  • Organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free.
  • Suits all diet types; Kosher, vegan and keto-friendly.
  • Packaged in recyclable or compostable materials.
  • Free shipping.
  • 30-day return policy.


  • Considerably pricier than similar products.
  • It doesn’t really taste like coffee.
  • Could trigger allergic reactions in some patients.
  • May cause hypoglycemia in diabetic patients.
  • Slightly grainy consistency, even when using the frother
  • The final few sips are not pleasant, no matter how well it’s mixed there seems to be a good amount of sediment that falls to the bottom of the cup
All-natural ingredientsPricier than similar products
Low in caloriesTaste doesn’t resemble coffee
Organic, non-GMO, and gluten-freeMay trigger allergic reactions in some
Suitable for all diet types; Kosher, vegan, and keto-friendlyMay cause hypoglycemia in diabetic patients
Packaged in recyclable or compostable materialsSlightly grainy consistency, even when using the frother
Free shippingThe final few sips are not pleasant, no matter how well it’s mixed there seems to be a good amount of sediment that falls to the bottom of the cup
30-day return policyStains your cups over time

Product Cost

A box of MUD/WTR (both :rise and :rest) costs $40.00. The kit contains 30 servings, a rechargeable frother, a guidebook, a sample of creamer, and a free sticker.

The price may be considerably higher compared to other coffee alternatives such as Blue Stripes Cacao Espresso ($24.00), but Mud fares better when it comes to its extensive ingredient blend and the freebies, making it worth your buck. 

MUD/WTR Reviews – What Customers Have To Say

Here’s what a couple of customers have to say after taking MUD/WTR

The importance of heart and brain health cannot be more important to me as a certified dementia practitioner. Since I began including Mud to my morning ritual I have gained more mental focus and sustainable energy. It goes great when I want a decaffeinated mocha in the afternoon too. LOVE IT!”

Jessica C.

“I was a huge coffee person. The whole pot was mine. And it had to be good coffee. Had a medical issue pop up and wanted to find an alternative….there are several out there. This is the only one thus far that cuts down on the caffeine and actually tastes good, and gives me enough of a kick in the mornings to get going. And keep going. Was a little hesitant to pull the trigger and order but glad I did. And I think you will be too.”

Damien J. 

I was drinking a pot of coffee to myself for years. After finally trying MUD I have not made myself even a cup of coffee and I feel amazing. Not only does your product speak for itself, I truly appreciate the communication and newsletters that are included. I am enjoying my new ritual and am feeling reenergized and alive as a result.

Rylee W.

I was a 2-3 cup coffee drinker until Mud Wtr. The second/third afternoon cup affected my REM sleep but I ignored the endless wake and caffeinate routine. So I dealt with the consequences. I finally found the perfect balance for me. A small cup of coffee first thing in the morning just because I love the taste and smell. Then instead of drinking more coffee, I will make Mud Wtr around 11 am and will have calm energy the rest of the day. Best of all, my sleep has improved. I don’t feel like I need coffee to start my day. Total game changer. 

Jeffrey V.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do MUD\WTR products contain caffeine?

The :rise blend (black container) contains about 1/7th of the caffeine as a cup of coffee. This comes from the black tea leaves found in the masala chai. The :rest MUD/WTR (purple container) is caffeine-free.

We created a detailed article regarding the MUD/WTR caffeine content that includes comparisons to other popular beverages.

Do MUD\WTR products contain sugar?

No. The products are all sugar and sweetener-free. Though you may pair it with your own additives, it is best enjoyed with their own creamer and sweetener.

Is it safe to drink if I’m pregnant?

The effects of this beverage on pregnant women haven’t been fully established yet. But to be sure, consult your physician before making any changes to your diet during your pregnancy to avoid the risk of complications.

Will the mushrooms in MUD\WTR make me high?

No. The mushrooms used by MUD/WTR are all functional mushrooms, not psychedelics. So if you’re into that kind of stuff, you won’t get that trip here.

Does MUD\WTR have any side effects?

This beverage should not cause any serious side effects on your body since its ingredients are safe and contain less caffeine than most beverages.

But if you are suffering from type-2 diabetes or any blood-related disease, the spices in the mushroom coffee drink could cut down your blood sugar levels drastically and it can also interact with your medications. Ideally, those with heart diseases should also take caution. So, it’s important to consult your physician first before opting for this coffee alternative.

Final Take

MUD/WTR presents itself as a compelling coffee alternative for those wanting to dodge caffeine’s jittery side effects. Packed with health benefits, this beverage can be a valuable addition to your diet. While its unique taste may take some adjusting to, and it comes with a higher price tag than its competitors, the natural ingredients, and health-centric approach make it worth consideration.

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