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As dogs age, they can often experience joint pain, and in some cases, they may need treatment and extra care if the pain is severe. Veterinarians may suggest a variety of treatment options, and among them, supplements, such as Cosequin, may help. Talk to your dog’s vet right away about treatment if you believe your dog is displaying pain symptoms.

What is Cosequin?

Cosequin is a supplement often administered to pets with joint pain. It is not FDA-approved for veterinary use, yet many veterinarians still recommend it off-label.

Is Cosequin safe for dogs?

It depends. The safety of cosequin use in dogs will depend on the dog’s age, health condition and any additional medication(s) and/or supplement(s) they take. Ask your veterinarian about more information regarding the use and safety of Cosequin for your dog.


Cosequin comes in chewable tablets and soft chews, according to the supplement’s website. Contact your pet’s veterinarian for dosing instructions.

Side Effects

As with any other supplement or medication, there is a chance your dog might experience side effects. If you notice your dog acting differently after the administration of Cosequin, contact their veterinarian immediately. They may be experiencing an allergic reaction to the supplement.

Final Thoughts

Joint pain is no joke, so it is essential that you communicate with your veterinarian about any and all pain symptoms your dog displays, especially as your dog ages. If you believe Cosequin might be helpful to your furry pal, ask their veterinarian, who can guide you through the treatment process and help your dog feel better.

Disclaimer: This article does not constitute professional medical advice, nor can it replace the advice of a licensed professional.

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