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The use of buspirone during pregnancy is not recommended unless this medication is clearly needed. Well-controlled studies on buspirone and pregnancy in humans have not been done, so potential risks to the mother and fetus are unknown. Studies in rats and rabbits given doses of buspirone that were roughly 30 times higher than the maximum dose for humans showed no signs of fetal damage or impairment.

Buspirone and Breastfeeding

Buspirone should not be used in those who are nursing if possible, since there is not enough information on whether or not it crosses from parent to child. Studies on rats have shown that buspirone and its metabolites are present in milk.


Is buspirone safe to take during pregnancy?

Buspirone should not be taken during pregnancy unless it is clearly needed. More research is needed in order to determine potential risks during pregnancy. Those who are pregnant should discuss the use of this medication with their doctor before taking it.

What pregnancy category is buspirone?

Buspirone is in pregnancy category B, which means that studies involving animals have not shown risks to the fetus and there have not been well-controlled studies involving pregnant women.

What anxiety medications are safe for pregnancy?

Benzodiazepines and SSRI medications, which are commonly prescribed for anxiety, have shown some risks for those who are pregnant, including shorter pregnancies. Women who have an anxiety disorder should discuss potential safety risks of taking anti-anxiety medication with their doctor during pregnancy. Those with severe anxiety may need to continue taking medication with their doctor’s approval.

Can buspirone cause a false positive pregnancy test?

Buspirone is not known to cause false positive results on pregnancy tests. However, this medication may cause false positive results on tests done for a condition called pheochromocytoma, since it might mistakenly show metanephrine on these tests.

Is buspirone safe while breastfeeding?

There have not been adequate studies done with humans on the use of buspirone while breastfeeding. Studies done on rats have shown the presence of buspirone and its metabolites in milk. Those who are nursing should avoid taking this medication if possible.

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