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Hydralazine and pregnancy often do not mix, although there are exceptions to this rule. Specifically, hydralazine has an FDA pregnancy rating of “C.” That rating means some non-human animal testing shows it can potentially affect the development of a fetus. That said, medical providers sometimes prescribe it during pregnancy when high blood pressure due to preeclampsia or eclampsia develops. These conditions are life-threatening, so taking the medication is worth any potential risk. 

Hydralazine and Breastfeeding

Hydralazine is excreted into breast milk. Studies do show, however, that hydralazine poses little risk to the infant. That said, lactating parents should still talk to their medical providers about using this drug before breastfeeding. 


Can you take hydralazine while pregnant?

Hydralazine does cross the placenta. More studies need to be done in general for this medication in pregnant patients.

Only in extreme circumstances would someone take this drug during pregnancy, such as if blood pressure goes up due to preeclampsia. 

What is the safest blood pressure medication during pregnancy?

It’s up to a medical provider to decide the right medication for a patient during pregnancy; fortunately, multiple options exist. Methyldopa (Aldomet), for instance, is one such option that can control blood pressure during pregnancy, although more research is needed to confirm its safety and efficacy during pregnancy. Labetalol (Normodyne) is another drug that has a track record of being relatively safe during pregnancy

Is hydralazine safe while breastfeeding?

Although evidence suggests that this drug can pass into breast milk, it poses minimal risk to the nursing infant.  The manufacturer still recommends caution when using this medication in patient that are breastfeeding. Always consult your physician before taking any medications when breast feeding or pregnant.

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