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“Is hydralazine a diuretic?” is a common question since people often associate water pills with high blood pressure treatment. Hydralazine is not a diuretic, though. It is a vasodilator, meaning it causes the walls of arteries to relax, allowing for improving blood flow.  

What is Hydralazine?

Hydralazine is a vasodilator, or blood vessel-widening medication. It is often sold under the trade name Apresoline.


Vasodilators help widen arteries so blood can flow more freely. This action means the heart doesn’t have to pump as hard to move blood. As a result, blood pressure lowers.


Does hydralazine make you pee?

Hydralazine is a vasodilator, not a diuretic or water pill. Since vasodilators do not reduce bodily fluids, hydralazine will not induce urination. 

Is hydralazine hard on the kidneys?

A small percentage of people taking hydralazine do develop kidney problems. This drug can cause a drug-induced form of lupus, which may cause injury to the kidneys. 

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