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There is no testing to indicate if methocarbamol and pregnancy are a problematic combination. Anyone pregnant or expecting to become pregnant should let their medical provider know before taking the drug, though. 

Methocarbamol and Breastfeeding

Methocarbamol is excreted in breastmilk in dogs, but it’s not clear if it is in humans. Nursing parents should discuss the use of methocarbamol with their medical provider. 


Can you take methocarbamol while pregnant?

There is no indication that it is dangerous while pregnant, but there is no testing to say it’s 100% safe, either. Ideally, someone expecting a baby would only take methocarbamol if absolutely necessary and with a medical provider’s recommendation. 

Can you take a muscle relaxer when pregnant?

They may not all be safe to take while pregnant. There is little testing on drugs such as methocarbamol to say one way or another. Always check with a medical provider before taking any medication during pregnancy. 

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