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It’s possible to experience methocarbamol withdrawal. The drug is not known to cause specific withdrawal symptoms, but it does give the user a sort of “high” feeling that they may crave once they stop taking the drug. 

How Long Do Methocarbamol Withdrawal Symptoms Last?

The actual withdrawal symptoms are negligible for someone taking the appropriate dose of this medication for the appropriate duration to help relieve pain. When stopping this drug, it is possible to experience pain again in about one to two hours. The pain would last until medicine or healing makes it go away again. 

One study did find that those who abuse the drug for its sedative effect at a higher than recommended dose might experience some dependence. Although the side effects are negligible, they would likely include cravings for the sedative feeling they get from the medication. 

Withdrawal Symptoms

While there are no real withdrawal symptoms for this drug when taken appropriately, a person will start to feel stiffness and pain once again as the medication wears off. That discomfort will last until the injury heals or medication helps to control the pain once again. 


Anyone who takes methocarbamol will experience the same withdrawal symptoms, which include the return of the original pain. Ideally, medication like methocarbamol is part of an overall treatment plan that might consist of physical therapy to manage the injury or illness to reduce the risk of a return of pain. 

Treatment Options

The treatment for methocarbamol withdrawal is to find something else to control the musculoskeletal pain. That might include more medication and/or physical therapy. 

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