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Vyvanse and pregnancy are not compatible. Simply put, taking Vyvanse can negatively affect pregnancy. 

Vyvanse and Breastfeeding

Amphetamines can be present in breastmilk, and long-term exposure could cause developmental problems in infants. As such, breastfeeding parents are advised not to take Vyvanse or to switch to other feeding options if Vyvanse use is necessary.


Can Vyvanse cause birth defects?

It’s not clear if Vyvanse will cause birth defects, but it can lead to addiction in the newborn and may trigger premature delivery and possibly lower weight in the baby. 

Do ADHD medications affect pregnancy?

At least one study found that taking ADHD medications early in pregnancy may lead to birth defects. Medications like Vyvanse can also trigger premature delivery and lead to addiction in the newborn. 

What medications are not safe to take during pregnancy?

A medical provider will provide a list of medications not safe to take during pregnancy. Some common examples of medications on such lists are opioids, NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), and stimulants. 

Can you take ADHD medication while breastfeeding?

It will depend on the medication. It is possible that the benefits of breastfeeding may outweigh potential risks to the baby, but a medical provider would provide guidance in this area. 

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