Essential hypertension is manageable, so the prognosis is good for most people. Secondary hypertension will depend on the underlying cause, though. For some, hypertension is resistant to treatment, making it hard to control. 

Those individuals will have to monitor their BP carefully. They may also require more invasive therapies and experimental therapies to control the problem. When hypertension goes untreated, the possibility of stroke and kidney failure becomes a serious consideration. 


Can hypertension kill you?

Hypertension is the silent killer. It makes the heart work harder than it should, and that can lead to damage to the muscle and arteries. Long-term high blood pressure can cause stiffening of the arteries, and that affects the heart, brain, and kidney health. 

Can hypertension be cured?

“Managed” is probably a better word than “cured.” No medication or therapy can specifically cure hypertension, after all. Lifestyle changes can fortunately bring blood pressure back down to normal for some people, though. That being said, it will go back up again if they gain back the weight or stop being physically active.

What is the life expectancy of a person with high blood pressure?

There is no set life expectancy, as there are too many variables to measure it. When controlled, though, high blood pressure doesn’t factor into overall health. 

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