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Before stopping Kevzara, talk with your doctor. You may experience adverse reactions or health problems if you stop taking Kevzara without the instruction of your doctor.

Withdrawal/Discontinuation Symptoms

Kevzara is a biologic medication, meaning it is composed of biological components of humans, animals or microorganisms through biotechnology. Stopping treatment with biologic medications, like Kevzara, has different effects than other drugs.

Similar to other medications, it is not safe nor is it recommended to abruptly stop the use of Kevzara without the instruction and monitoring of your doctor.


A 2019 study concluded that more research is needed to fully understand the impact of tapering off biologics in patients with RA during remission. The study stated three main concerns when it comes to tapering off biologics, which include:

  • Disease relapse
  • Treatment availability if disease flares up during tapering
  • Motivation behind dose reduction (funding or patient’s health benefit)

These concerns may ring true for people who decide to abruptly stop taking a biologic medication, like Kevzara, too. Therefore, you should never stop taking your medication or reduce your dose without first consulting with your doctor.

Treatment Options

If you and your physician decide it is best for you to discontinue taking Kevzara, your physician may suggest alternative solutions, including:

  • Tapering off Kevzara
  • Trying a different medication
  • Seeking out physical therapy or even surgery

Coping Strategies

To prioritize your health and avoid adverse effects of stopping or tapering off Kevzara, you can take the right steps through different coping strategies, including but not limited to:

  • Monitoring your symptoms and reporting to your doctor if you taper off kevzara or if you try a different medication
  • Engaging in moderate exercise each day 
  • Eating well-balanced, healthy meals each day
  • Getting enough sleep each night

Coping with the discontinuation or dose reduction of Kevzara may look different for everyone. Your doctor will be able to provide the best treatment plan for you based on your personal health profile and individual needs.


Consult with your doctor about alternative medications and resources available.

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